Best Yellow Outdoor Generator Accessories in 2022

Yellow Outdoor Generator Accessories From BJ's Wholesale Club

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Yellow Jacket compound

If you're looking for the perfect cord for your Yellow Jacket compound outdoor generator, look no further. The Yellow Jacket extension cord comes with UL and OSHA listed construction and a 300-volt rating. It converts a standard L5-20P plug into three lighted 5-15 receptacles. You can choose between a bare or 1/2-inch lug end for easy installation. For added convenience, the cable includes a handy lighted end plug.

The extension cord is the most flexible and durable cord you'll find on any job site. It's 3x more flexible and abrasion-resistant than regular cords, and comes with a built-in Powerlite power indicator. This is a great accessory for any job site or home that requires a portable power supply. It's also designed for daily contractor use, so you can rely on it to stay connected no matter where you are.

Maintenance and security accessories

If you're going to use your outdoor generator outdoors, you may want to invest in maintenance and security accessories. There are several types of accessories available to you, and a variety of features that can help you maintain your generator properly. Grainger has a wide selection of security and maintenance accessories to protect your investment. You can purchase automatic standby generator transfer switches, digital load management technology, maintenance kits, and battery warmers, among many other options. If you're planning to use your outdoor generator at home, you should also consider a wheel kit.


To get the most out of your outdoor generator, maintain it properly! You should use full-synthetic oil, which can be purchased from a reputable supplier. Synthetic blends are also available, but you should not mix synthetic oil with conventional oil. The amount of oil you need depends on your generator's model and the duration of the power outage. In most cases, the manufacturer recommends 5W-30.

To maintain the battery of your generator set, make sure that you clean and dry the battery area as well as its vent caps. You should also clean all connections to the battery, including the cable clamps and terminals. You can use a fine grade sandpaper to clean these parts, but be sure not to use too much, as it may cause poor connections between the clamps and terminals. You should also coat the clamps with grease to prevent corrosion.


For maximum durability, look for extension cords that feature abrasion-resistant, yellow jackets. The DuroMax XPC12100A extension cord, for example, features a heavy-duty PVC jacket and abrasion-resistant yellow jackets. This cord is waterproof, weather-resistant, and flame retardant. It is also perfect for commercial applications. Whether you're powering a generator for home or business use, you'll need these accessories.


If you want to extend the reach of your portable outdoor generator, you may want to consider adding wheels. These wheels come with all of the hardware required to install them. Aside from wheels, you can also purchase a wheel kit, which is designed to make moving your machine easier. A wheel kit also makes it easier to transport the portable generator from one place to another. Using a wheel kit will prevent you from having to deal with the hassle of heavy lifting, and you won't have to hire someone else to help you move the generator.

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