Best Trojan 6V Batteries in 2022

Key Features of Trojan 6V Batteries

There are several key features that differentiate Trojan 6V Batteries from competitors. These features include DuraGrid(tm) Design, Maxguard(r) XL Separator, and Alpha Plus(r) Paste with T2 Technology. Continue reading to find out more. Listed below are a few examples of these features. Also consider the price and other factors that influence battery performance. Then, make your decision.

Maxguard(r) XL Separator

The Maxguard(r) XL Separation for Trojan 6V Batteries is a unique feature found on many of their products. The XL separator is 30 percent thicker than a standard T2 flooded separator, which provides greater resistance to stratification, a common mode of failure for batteries in renewable energy applications. It also promotes a longer life by reducing overall maintenance costs.

The premium line of Trojan batteries is geared towards long-life use, which means that the battery will not only last a long time but will also continue to operate under difficult conditions. The Trojan Maxguard XL Separator for 6V batteries incorporates advanced battery features such as DuraGrid, the MaxGuard XL separator, and Alpha Plus Paste technology. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has international offices in the UAE and Europe. It is a member of the Battery Council International and a technical research partner with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Alpha Plus(r) Paste with T2 Technology

The Trojan Alpha Plus Paste is a proprietary formulation designed to optimize porosity development in the active material. The T2 Technology strengthens the electrochemical processing capabilities of the paste. The result is a battery that lasts longer and performs at its highest level. It's also safe and effective, delivering a consistently greater cycle life. Here's how it works:

The Alpha Plus(r) Paste with T2-technology is an exclusive ingredient in Trojan deep cycle batteries. This paste provides superior performance and improved durability. This paste contains T2 technology, which improves the performance of the batteries by protecting the internal electrolytes. This feature increases the life of the battery and reduces its maintenance requirements. It's easy to apply and doesn't compromise battery performance.

DuraGrid(tm) Design

The DuraGrid(tm) Design provides a thick grid structure to resist corrosion and enhance overall battery life. This design also includes a Koroseal cover and plastic boot to prevent shedding. For extra protection, Trojan also includes an XL Separator in their Premium and Industrial lines. Its wide-channel design allows more acid to flow while ensuring more resistance to stratification.

These high-performance batteries feature the highest cycle life possible at three thousand and sixty cycles at 50% DOD. Trojan's Alpha Plus Paste enhances porosity development in the active material, which increases its use and sustained capacity. These batteries also feature T2 Technology, an added metal agent, which strengthens the electrochemical processing capabilities of the Alpha Plus Paste and increases overall ampere-hours. This technology is just one of the many reasons that Trojan batteries continue to lead the industry in quality, durability, and reliability.

When operating in a renewable energy system, batteries can go days without charge, even at partial Cutaway states. Trojan recognized the rigorous usage of their batteries in these applications, and built the DuraGrid(tm) Design into their new 6V battery line. The Maxguard XL separator on this series is 30 percent thicker than the T2 flooded battery separator, resulting in superior stratification resistance.

The DuraGrid(tm) Design is an excellent way to increase your battery's lifespan. This grid design is perfect for industrial applications, and is especially helpful for industrial applications where corrosion resistance is important. In addition to extending battery life, the DuraGrid design also improves charging speed. The maximum capacity of a Trojan 6V battery is 229 AH at C-20 and 255AH at C-100 hour rate. With proper charging, this battery can last up to eight years.

Alpha Plus(r) XL Separator

Trojan's Maxguard XL Separator is the next generation of its successful Maxguard series. It features a wider, more porous channel design and T2 technology, which maximizes the porosity development in the active material. This combination of technology and design increases battery performance and life. This product is available only in the Trojan Premium and Industrial lines. It is also available with an optional Maxguard XL Separator for improved resistance to stratification.

The DuraGrid Technology features a thicker grid structure, maintaining greater corrosion resistance. It prolongs battery life up to 10 years. When combined with the Maxguard XL separator, this unit delivers fast charging capabilities. It can also be installed in the most difficult environments, thereby maximizing the life of the battery. This product is the perfect match for renewable energy applications, as it is suitable for high-rate charging.

The Maxguard XL separator is specifically designed for renewable energy applications, including solar/photovoltaic, small wind, and micro hydro. It provides improved corrosion resistance and superior performance under PSOC conditions. Trojan also incorporates DuraGrid Technology and Maxguard XL separator, which protect against shedding and enhance current flow. Furthermore, Trojan uses extra-thick separators for enhanced performance and durability.

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