Best Reliance Products Outdoor Generator Accessories in 2022

Reliance Products Outdoor Generator Accessories

You can get a number of Reliance Products outdoor generator accessories to complement your portable generator. These include Transfer Switches, Controls, and Panel/Link X Series. These are all excellent accessories for your portable generator. They will give you peace of mind and help you protect your outdoor power supply. Here is a closer look at these products:

Reliance Controls

The 10-foot 20 Amp Outdoor Rated Generator Power Cord with NEMA L14-20 molded ends is designed to connect the generator to an outdoor power inlet box or transfer switch. Reliance Controls has contributed more innovations to the electrical industry than any other manufacturer. The company holds over 85 patents and specializes in the manufacture of a variety of electrical products, including time clocks, transfer switches, and generator accessories.

In addition to outdoor generator accessories, Reliance also offers transfer switches, transfer panes, and inverters for portable generators. Transfer switches are used as a secondary power source to isolate generator power from the utility grid and eliminate the danger of backfeeding your circuits. Transfer switches allow you to use your generator as a backup power source if the utility power fails. They also prevent the nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, which means you can use your outdoor generator in the event of a power outage.

When choosing the best Reliance Controls product, you can start with the features of your needs and your budget. A Reliance control transfer switch, for example, is designed to prevent the transmission of electric current in the event of a power outage. Its design is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of power-demanding applications, including remote-accessible outdoor lights and power outlets. With Reliance's vast product line, you'll find everything you need to power your home.

If you're looking for transfer switch accessories for your portable generator, consider Reliance Controls' Pro/Tran 2 transfer switch, which is designed to handle multiple appliances. It features a NEMA 3-R-rated outdoor-rated steel cabinet, a factory-installed power inlet, and a 16-inch length of 1-inch flexible conduit. The Pro/Tran 2 switch also features a sequentially-switched neutral for a safe switch between a portable generator and utility power.

Reliance Transfer Switches

Reliance Transfer Switches for outdoor utility generators are an important accessory that should be purchased by any homeowner who uses a portable or stationary generator. They are an essential part of any outdoor generator, as they allow you to control the amount of power your generator draws and prevent overloading the unit. There are many different types of transfer switches available to choose from, and a few of them are discussed here.

Reliance Controls is a manufacturing company in Racine, Wisconsin. Their products include transfer switches, inverters, portable generators, and transfer panes. Transfer switches isolate the power coming from a portable generator, ensuring that no utility line is being back-fed by the generator. This way, you never have to worry about damaging your home's wiring. Reliance Transfer Switches for outdoor generator accessories can help you keep your outdoor generator safe from harm and provide an easy and convenient way to connect your portable unit to power.

Reliance Transfer Switches for outdoor utility generators are easy to install and use. The UL-1008-listed transfer switches are designed for use with portable generators. You never know when a disaster will strike, but a reliance transfer switch can help. When the power goes out, the things you take for granted don't work anymore. If you're on a well, a reliance transfer switch will be essential to your survival. By being prepared, you can plug in a portable generator, flip a switch, and get your life back on track.

When choosing a transfer switch for your outdoor utility generator, consider the power source. Many generators over 5000 watts require a transfer switch to ensure the safety of everyone in your household. For high-powered generators, a regulator is also required to prevent backfeeding and surges. Your jurisdiction may also require backup generators. However, it is always a good idea to consult the building code enforcement office before purchasing a transfer switch.

Reliance Panel/Link X Series

Reliance Controls produces transfer switches, transfer panels and inverters for outdoor generators. These products are designed to isolate the power from the generator from utility power, so your generator can power circuits without damaging your home. With Reliance Controls transfer switches, you'll be able to safely connect your generator to your home during power outages. The Transfer Switch can be used for multiple purposes, including traffic signals and light commercial applications.

Reliance Panel/Link X Series transfer switches are double-pole manual transfer switches with exclusive third-pole neutral. They're ideal for GFCI-protected generators and separately-derived systems. The panels prevent ground faults and have six branch circuit spaces. XRH models support up to 12 branch circuits and tandem breakers, for a total of 18 circuits.

Transfer Switch Accessories are another key part of the transfer panel. The Panel/Link TCA has a patented design that provides over 100 cubic inches of wiring space. It also has a heavy-duty copper bus that's suitable for use at a service entrance. It's also available in both indoor and outdoor enclosures. The PBN is a non-metallic power inlet box and is outdoor-rated. Its patented design allows for convenient connection of multiple power sources without disrupting the main utility circuit.

Reliance Signa Series

The Home Protectors line from Reliance includes several innovative products to complete the installation of your portable generator or transfer switch. The monitoring system will give you early warning of power problems such as flooding, freezing, or storm damage. There are also security alarms for your home and hotel, and watt and voltage sensors for increased peace of mind. You will be able to run all your household appliances on your new generator, while also keeping your family and pets safe.

The Signa Series is available in 20A to 50A models. This generator is ideal for traffic signal applications and comes with an insect-resistant stainless steel enclosure. The transfer switch allows the user to switch from utility power in less than 250 milliseconds. This feature helps maintain operation of traffic signal equipment during the transfer from utility power to the signa. The transfer switch has a knockout on the back for convenient conduit connection. For easy maintenance, each Signa is equipped with a Utility-on light. The light will automatically shut off when transferring to utility power.

Reliance transfer switches are outdoor rated NEMA 3R, with a power inlet and a 16-inch length of 1-inch flexible conduit. This transfer switch allows you to safely switch from your portable generator to utility power. The transfer switch accessories from Reliance can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations. The Pro/Tran 2 transfer switch is a great option for outdoor installations. It features a NEMA 3R breaker and a factory-installed power inlet. It also has a sequentially-switched neutral for a safe transfer from utility power to portable generator power.

Reliance Home Protectors

Reliance Products outdoor generator accessories offer peace of mind and security. The company has a diverse line of products that complement portable generator and transfer switch installations. It offers monitoring systems for early warning of power, flood, and freezing issues. It offers security alarms for personal and business use, and even for hotels. The company also manufactures watt and voltage sensors. For peace of mind, Reliance Products offers many accessories to protect your investment.

The company has been in the outdoor generator business for over a century, and its reputation for high quality, superior engineering, and excellent customer service is unsurpassed. They offer everything from a portable generator to outdoor lighting. Their outdoor generator accessories are made of durable material and come with an excellent warranty. Whether you want to stay warm and toasty in winter or create a relaxing oasis for family and friends in the middle of summer, Reliance has the right product for your needs.

A transfer switch can connect the portable generator to household power safely. It prevents utility power from powering household circuits at the same time as your portable generator. It also prevents nuisance tripping of circuit breakers. You can choose between a single or a three-phase transfer switch for your outdoor generator. The Reliance Panel/Link X Series transfer switch features an exclusive third-pole for neutral. These switches are perfect for bonded neutral generators and separately-derived systems.

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