Best Reliance Controls Outdoor Generators & Portable Power in 2022

Reliance Controls Transfer Switches For Portable Generators

The outdoor generator outlet allows you to hard-wire a portable power unit into the house. It can be located up to 100 feet from the load center of your home, away from windows and open doors. The outlet has four combination knockouts and measures six inches in height, four inches wide and 2.63 inches deep. Its low-voltage design helps it match existing outdoor wiring. The outdoor generator outlet is compatible with most transfer switches and Reliance control panels.

Transfer switches

To make sure that your electrical system will accept portable generator power, you need a transfer switch. To make sure that your portable power source can power your home, you should buy a 30-Amp, 125/250-Volt, 7,500-Watt Transfer Switch Kit. This kit includes everything you need for a professional transfer switch installation. It will make it easier for your electrical system to accept power from your portable power source.

When purchasing a transfer switch, make sure to check its features before buying it. Often, a switch costs $500-$1,500. The installation process can take one day. It's best to plan your install early, as it can be difficult to find an electrician or a company that can install it in a timely manner during a storm. But if you're handy with tools, consider getting a Reliance Controls Transfer Switch for outdoor generators & portable power.

If you're looking for a transfer switch for your outdoor generator, Reliance Controls offers several different models. The Pro/Tran(r) series, for example, has a load side transfer switch. It has conventional 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers, and allows for branch circuit protection adjustment. It's perfect for heavier residential loads. Pro/Tran(r) Q Series transfer switches are available with the exclusive Reliance electronic bar graph meter to monitor the voltage and wattage on each leg of the generator.

The Reliance Pro/Tran 2 transfer switch is a high-quality, outdoor transfer switch that's NEMA 3R rated. The switch features a gasketed steel cabinet and factory-installed power inlet. It also comes with an integral meter. This meter helps you balance the load, so you don't overwork the generator. In addition, it is convenient to purchase a transfer switch that has all the features you need and is easy to install.

Before installing your transfer switch, consider how you will use it. A 30Amp power inlet box installed near the generator is an easy and convenient way to isolate the portable power source from the rest of your electrical system. In addition, the switch accepts both GFCI and AFCI circuit breakers, making customization a breeze. If you're using an outdoor generator, be sure to choose a transfer switch with a GFCI and AFCI circuit breaker for added protection.

Home Protectors

Reliance Controls is an American manufacturer of electrical products. Besides portable power home protectors, they also offer transfer switches and heavy-duty time clocks. If you need a transfer switch, you can choose the PBN (Pro/Tran) brand. These switches are available in different styles, including one with a built-in power failure alarm. Some of their products include transfer switches for generators and Home Protectors for homeowners and hotels.

The transfer switch makes it easy to connect a portable generator to your home wiring. You can use it to power six to 16 circuits in your home. A larger generator will power more circuits. Manual transfer switches are typically between $200 and $500, and you'll need at least a 4,000 to 8,000-watt generator with a 30A 120/240V L14-30 connection.

For those who need a transfer switch, there are Pro/tran models available for up to 10 circuits. Panel/Link models are available with 50A 125/250V outlets. These switches have the capability to act as main panels, subpanels, or service disconnects. Reliance Controls offers a wide range of generator accessories to help you protect your home. Founded in 1896, Reliance Controls is a leader in the portable standby power integration industry and has earned 85 patents over the past century.

Reliance Pro/Tran transfer switches feature a gasketed steel cabinet with a built-in third-pole neutral. They are perfect for GFCI protected outlets, separately-derived systems, and portable power home protectors. These switches also have factory-installed power inlets and 16-inch lengths of 1-inch flexible conduit for outdoor installation. They also have a sequentially switched neutral for safe switchovers from the portable generator to utility power.

Transfer panels

Reliance Controls manufactures portable power transfer panels and outdoor generators. The company also produces accessories for these units, such as heavy duty outdoor generator power cords. They also offer transfer panels with feed-through disconnects and alarms for power outages, flooding, or frozen pipes. The company's products are ideal for residential and commercial settings and are available in a variety of sizes.

Reliance Controls manufactures portable standby power transfer panels and outdoor generators with a wide range of accessories to complement their products. These transfer panels feature one-inch circuit breakers, a power inlet, non-defeasible double-throw switches, and exclusive Reliance color-coded wattmeters. Reliance Controls is also a leader in the portable standby power integration industry. They have been awarded over 85 patents, and have over 100 years of experience in developing portable standby power solutions.

Manual transfer switch panels are designed to be easy to install. They include everything needed to install them, including pre-wiring and connections. These transfer switches also help to prioritize critical circuits during an outage. The best transfer switch panels feature an integral meter to help you balance your load and prevent overloading your generator. A manual transfer switch is ideal for small generators with limited power needs, so a transfer switch is a vital part of home emergency preparedness.

The Pro/Tran(r) Q Series is an innovative loadside transfer switch from Reliance Controls. It has interchangeable circuit breakers and allows for easy branch circuit protection adjustments. It is a good choice for heavier residential loads. It is also available with the exclusive Reliance electronic bar graph meter to monitor voltage and wattage on each leg of a generator.

If you are unsure of your needs, read our Reliance Controls reviews to make sure you get the right product. There are numerous reviews online and in online stores. Use the Amazon website to look for more Reliance Controls products. To narrow down your choices, you can search for Reliance Controls products by their feedback or sales volume. Choose products based on your specific needs and preferences.


Reliance Controls is a leading manufacturer of transfer switches for portable power and generators. They provide a safe, reliable means to power your electrical system in case of a power failure. Their products are trusted by homeowners, businesses, and government agencies across the country. Listed below are some of the best transfer switches for portable generators available on the market today. Read on to learn more about this family-owned company and their portable power systems.

The Home Protectors line of products complement the installation of portable power and generators. Monitors provide early warning of problems like freezing or flooding. Security alarms offer peace of mind, and are available for home use and even hotels. They offer retaining straps to prevent accidental disconnections downstream of the alarm. SoniCord's products have won awards for safety and reliability and are available at major retail stores nationwide.

Reliance Control Corporation sells portable power and outdoor generators. You can buy them from Amazon and check out the feedback of other customers. It is recommended that you choose a product based on customer reviews, and make sure to read the user manual carefully. The company's products are designed to help you power your outdoor activities and keep you safe, regardless of the weather conditions.

The Pro/Tran X Series transfer switches feature a ground fault protection (GFCI) outlet. The Pro/Tran X series also has a third-pole for neutral. These transfer switches can switch sequentially and prevent nuisance tripping of circuit breakers. They can also be used for generators that need to be grounded. And if you're using a portable generator in a commercial building, you can use Reliance's Panel/Link X Series manual transfer switches for a safer, more convenient way to transfer power to and from your home.

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