Best Porsche Battery Chargers in 2022

Porsche Battery Chargers

There are many options available for charging your Porsche battery. The European model of this charger fits standard U.S. outlets and has a 5 Amp charger to minimize charging time. The additional charge mode also helps you use your lightweight lithium-ion batteries for motor sports. The 5 Amp charger increases the charging power of your Porsche battery, which keeps it fresh even when stored for long periods of time. In addition, this charger will reduce your charging time by an average of 50%.

Charge-o-mat Pro

The Charge-o-mat Pro Porsche battery charger is equipped with additional charging modes to meet the needs of lightweight lithium-ion batteries in Porsche vehicles. It features an additional 5.0-A charge mode and trickle charging capabilities. The increased charging power reduces the amount of time required to recharge the battery. The charger's LED display provides the charging status and time left for each charge. It also features a safety cutoff feature.

This charger is compatible with all types of batteries, including lithium-ion and lead-acid. The only exception is the charger's incompatibility with 12V lead-acid batteries. Porsche lithium-ion batteries require a cigarette lighter socket. The Charge-o-mat Pro Porsche battery charger comes with a cigarette lighter socket, storage bag, protective silicone shell, and a full user's manual.

Unlike trickle chargers, which provide an unregulated charge, the Charge-o-mat Pro provides a regulated charge to Porsche batteries. Trickle chargers can dry out battery fluid. The Charge-o-mat Pro Porsche battery charger can toggle between the two modes and charge the battery when necessary. If you're not sure which mode your Porsche requires, a technician at your local Porsche dealership can code your car to accept it.

MXS 5.0

The Porsche MXS 5.0 battery charger has been designed for your car's 12-volt battery, and it can safely charge 12V batteries ranging in capacity from 1.2 to 110 Ah. It is IP65-classified and can provide a maximum charge current of 5.0A. Its design ensures the safety of your car's electronics and audio system. It is also short-circuit proof, non-sparking, and reverse polarity protected.

CTEK offers a variety of high-quality battery chargers that are commonly used by professional mechanics, auto dealers, and other professionals. Their MXS 5.0 battery charger is perfect for my needs. It has three different output power settings: 3.8 amps, seven-amp, and 10-amp. The higher amperage is for charging bigger batteries, such as those found in Porsche MXS models. The charging modes and capabilities of each model vary slightly.

The MXS 5.0 battery charger also features an intelligent desulphation function to prolong the life of lead acid batteries. The technology enables the device to restore stratified and deep discharged batteries, thereby extending their life. And, the device's unique comfort connect cig plug allows you to leave it connected to the battery for as long as you like without disconnecting it. And thanks to its microprocessor-controlled design, you won't have to worry about sluggish charging times.

The CTEK MSX 5.0 battery charger employs an eight-stage charging cycle to revive stratified and deeply discharged batteries. The patented desulfation charge cycle prevents the accumulation of lead sulfate crystals, which shortens the battery's life. Batteries typically last about three years in hot climates. The CTEK unit includes a ring terminal for connecting to the battery.


The Porsche Battery Chargers JMR are compatible with six and twelve-volt batteries and fit just like the OEM charger. They detect bad batteries automatically and keep the battery level up. A trusted brand by mechanics and car dealers, these chargers are guaranteed to fit a special charging port on your Porsche. If your battery is a Lithium/LiFePO4 type, you can use these chargers without voiding your warranty. The charging port is usually located in the trunk of your car, although any 12V cigarette lighter will do as long as it is active when the engine is off.

The Porsche Classic Battery Charger comes with recessed lighting that turns green when the battery is fully charged. It is designed to look like an old Porsche product, and it mounts to the wall. Inspired by the historic 6-volt battery, the classic charger features many design cues from past Porsche products. These chargers are also ideal for your car. However, you must remember to keep them fully charged at all times. This is not a practical solution if you don't want to be caught off guard in the middle of nowhere.


Ossia Porsche Battery Charger can be used for a wide range of purposes. These chargers are made with high quality materials that will help you keep your battery healthy and fully charged. With an easy-to-use manual, you can also learn how to use this charger. This charger also has toothed jaws that help clamp the battery. Ossia battery chargers are a great option if you have broken or dead batteries.

Ossia's Forever Battery, for example, comes in an AA form factor but includes electronics inside its shell. It even includes an antenna to help transmit electricity. With Ossia's Cota system, you can charge your Forever Battery from up to 30 feet away with no wires. These batteries can be recharged anywhere, so you can keep them charged while driving your Porsche.

The Porsche Classic Battery Charger can be used for any Porsche with a six-volt or 12V battery. It comes with two charging modes: normal and maintenance. The battery clamps are equipped with an LED light to indicate the charge status. The ring terminal cable is designed to be permanent. There are several other options as well, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. You can even choose between two charging modes, so you can save energy and money.

The Ossia Battery Chargers are easy to use and feature a simple, convenient interface. They come with a Velcro strap for easy mounting on your cochera partorisca. This charger can charge your battery for nine hours, and gives you a table of different king touching times. In addition to charging, you can also maintain your battery's charge until it runs out of power.

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