Best Outdoor Generator Inlet Boxes in 2022

5 Types of Outdoor Generator Inlet Boxes

Outdoor Generator Inlet Boxes come in various styles and sizes, but they all share some features. Among these are weatherproof baking finish, padded foam, and four knockouts for wiring. Punching the knockouts requires a hole saw or step drill bit. These boxes have locking ring design, which prevents dust and rain from entering the plug connection. The locking ring is also useful for preventing the cable from slipping off.


Whether you need to hook up a portable generator for RV hookup or an emergency backup power source, Eaton outdoor generator inlet boxes are the perfect solution. They are made of durable materials that can withstand the elements and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Eaton NG3R is UL Listed for safety and reliability. Semcor's GIC2 generator inlet cabinet tap box features a gray powder-painted finish and stainless hardware.

Choose from two different amperages when it comes to Eaton outdoor generator inlet boxes. If your home uses more than one appliance, a larger amperage is best. A 50-amp generator inlet box will give enough power for an entire house. For smaller homes, a 30-amp option is sufficient. However, if your home uses less than 50 amps, choose a smaller one. However, the Eaton outdoor generator inlet box has a convenient lockable design.


A power inlet box connects your portable generator to a transfer switch. It is typically installed outside of a house near the main electrical panel. The power inlet box is hardwired to a manual transfer switch and should be installed at least 24 feet above grade. The inlet box is designed to provide 125/150 VAC power and comes with a ground post integrated into the enclosure. In the event of a power outage, you can reconnect the generator to your main electrical panel by using the manual transfer switch. The power inlet box measures 5 In. W x 5 In. H x 6 L and weighs two pounds. The rain-tight design retains its rain-rated rating even while in use.


If you're looking for a portable generator that works outdoors, Grainger's line of power inlet boxes is perfect for the job. These boxes mount to the outside of a building and allow the generator to run outside, where carbon monoxide can safely dissipate. Grainger's outdoor generator inlet boxes come in a variety of amperages and are weather-resistant. Grainger's team of experts can also help you match the proper inlet box for your portable generator.

Generac's switched neutral kit

A switch is a vital component of any backup generator. It allows the user to switch seamlessly between a backup generator and main power. This allows for maximum flexibility in case of power outages. Switches are available in a wide variety of ampacity ratings and are compatible with Eaton or Siemens breakers. The higher the amperage, the more versatile it is, as the switch can be configured for different load profiles.

The Generac Upgradeable Home Link Transfer Switch works with portable and standby generators up to 11 kW and safely powers hard-wired appliances when the main power is out. It has Power Indicator Lights that display the current generator output and includes interchangeable type circuit breakers for easy reconfiguration and replacement. During a power outage, the Generac Upgradeable Home Link Transfer Switch can safely power appliances, including air conditioning units, lamps, and other hard-wired appliances.

Eaton's NEMA 3R power inlet box

If you are using a portable generator, then you probably need a power inlet box. These boxes are available for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to outdoor use, they are great for RV hookups. Eaton has designed a power inlet box that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The power inlet box features four knockouts and generous wiring space, allowing for easy rough-in and installation.

The NEMA 3R outdoor generator inlet box features a 20-amp, 120/240V AC receptacle. This type of inlet box also features a female camlock receptacle for load bank applications. A variety of options are available, ranging from a flush-mounted model to a surface-mounted one. For best results, install a portable generator near your building's outdoor electrical panel.

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