Best Magnum Energy Renewable Energy Controllers in 2022

Magnum Energy Renewable Energy Controllers

If you're looking for a recharging controller for your solar panel system, then you've probably already come across the ME-ARC50 and PT-100. In this article, we'll discuss the differences between these two products, as well as the ME-AGS Automatic Generator Start module and ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit. In addition to their benefits, these products are available at competitive prices, which makes them an excellent choice for a solar panel system.


The PT-100 is a compact, high-quality, and user-friendly renewable energy controller that is compatible with both solar and wind systems. It has a programmable auxiliary relay, front panel display for array status, charge and fault indicators, and operational select buttons. It also has an on-board configuration DIP switch and integrated PV arc fault and ground fault detection. This controller also features output over-current protection and 255 days of PV harvest data logging. It also supports on-site software upgrades.

The PT-100 MPPT solar charge controller from Magnum Energy is one of the newest additions to its product line. This controller is designed to harness maximum power from your solar array, using less than two watts at night. The PT-100 supports battery banks with 12, 24, and 48 volt voltages and features advanced MPPT charging algorithms. The manufacturer's online PV array calculator makes it easy to calculate the power needed to power your solar array.

The PT-100 MPPT charge controller can control large solar arrays of up to 6600 watts. It features a built-in PV Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (ACI) and a temperature sensor. This renewable energy controller is also compatible with Magnum Panel. It provides ample room for battery and PV disconnect breaker wires. Its MPPT algorithm is based on a maximum power point tracker algorithm.


The ME-ARC50 allows you to easily set up your Magnum inverter and charge controller. The ME-ARC remote includes non-volatile memory and lets you control settings and adjust the inverter using soft keys or a rotary encoder knob. It also has a graphical display for setting up your inverter and charger. The ME-ARC50 also features an AC and DC meter and advanced tech menus.

The ME-ARC50 is compatible with the MS-PAE Series of inverter/chargers. If you already own an inverter/charger, you may find that the ME-ARC does not function with it. If so, contact Magnum Energy for more information. It also comes with an extensive warranty. The ME-ARC is compatible with other brands of inverters. In addition, the ME-ARC also comes with a remote control, so you can set up your system and monitor it remotely.

ME-AGS Automatical Generator Start module

The ME-AGS Automatical Generator Start module from Magnum Energy allows the generator to automatically start and shut off based on battery voltage and temperature. It can also be set to operate based on battery temperature, and the ME-AGS can sense running time from one to five hours. The automatic start-up of a generator is a great way to save on power costs and maintain a comfortable environment while away. The ME-AGS can be installed on most portable generators and works well with a variety of battery systems.

The ME-AGS is compatible with most major brands of portable generators, and is compatible with the majority of them. These include Onan, Powertech, Generac, Westerbeke, Kohler, and Northern Lights. You can also use the ME-AGS with most portable generators that feature an electric start. To determine compatibility, you can contact Magnum to find out if your generator is a good fit.

ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit

The ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit is a useful piece of equipment for monitoring the condition of your energy system's batteries. It gives you information on the state of charge of your batteries, including the voltage and current of your battery banks. In addition to displaying this information, the ME-BMK can be linked to your Magnum Energy inverter/charger. This device allows you to monitor the health of your batteries, making it more effective at operating your energy system.

The ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit includes a hydrometer, a DC Voltmeter, and an amp-hour metre. The Hydrometer measures the concentration of electrolyte in individual cells, and its readings are compared to the OCV values provided by battery manufacturers. The amp-hour meter uses a precision shunt to calculate the amp-hour usage of your batteries, allowing you to compare the current use to the actual capacity of your batteries.

ME-RC Remotes

The Magnum Energy ME-RC Remote Control is a simple and user-friendly interface for monitoring and customizing operating parameters of your inverter/charger. It features an easy-to-read LCD screen, soft keys, a rotary encoder knob, and battery profile menus. The ME-RC can also be used to start and stop the inverter and charge lithium batteries.

The ME-RC is compatible with all of Magnum Energy's inverter/charger models. It is compatible with the ME-BMK battery monitoring kit, and offers convenient real-time amps, voltage, and amp-hours in/out. It can also control your back-up generator and adjust your AGS settings. It also includes a convenient Favs button that lets you save your favorite setup menus.

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