Best IOTA Engineering Battery Chargers in 2022

IOTA Engineering Battery Chargers

Before you buy an IOTA Engineering battery charger, make sure to check the warranty and the quality of the units. Some companies still market IOTA units as US-made, but they are actually made in China to strict IOTA specifications. Despite the differences in quality, IOTA converters are still excellent units with a 2 year warranty. So, if you're looking for a high-quality battery charger, you'll want to buy an IOTA.

IQ4-X charge control module

The IQ4-X charge control module for a DLS-X battery charger from IOTA Engineering converts nominal 108-132 AC voltage to 13.4 V DC. The DLS-X can operate a nominal 12VDC load up to 55 amps and features tight regulation. These chargers are designed to work in rugged environments. A three-year warranty is included.

The IQ4-X Charge Control Module enables the fastest, easiest way to maintain the full charge level in your batteries. The IQ4-X's Smart Charge cycle dissolving sulfate layers helps prolong battery life. It also avoids stratification and overcharging. Designed for use in 12V and 24V DC applications, the IQ4-X charge control module is compatible with most battery chargers.

The IQ4-X features a dual programmable charging mode. Depending on your battery's type and charging stage, you can select one of three modes. The IQ-LIFEPO mode is ideal for batteries with a limited amount of recharging time. The IQ-Turbo mode is the fastest charging mode. The IQ-EQUALIZER initiates a BULK charge to a flooded lead acid battery and automatically drops into trickle charging after a preset period. It can be reinserted for additional equalization to ensure maximum performance.

The IQ4 reduces the DLS charge voltage during the float phase, preventing battery gassing and boiling. It then switches into the pre-programmed Equalization Stage to dissolve the sulfate layer on the battery's internal plates and avoid stratification. Its LED indicator informs you of the charging status of your battery with flashes and pulses.

The IQ4-X charge control module for an IOTA Engineering DLS-X charger turns your charger into an advanced four-stage battery charger. This charger implements a standard four-stage charging cycle that helps keep batteries in peak operating condition while increasing battery life. The IQ4-X is available as a standalone external accessory or as a fully integrated unit in the DLS-X.

The IQ4-X charge control module for an IOTA DLS Battery Charger can be used in conjunction with any of the IOTA DLS series battery chargers. This module plugs into the Dual Voltage Jack on the top of the DLS unit. It automatically engages the smart-charge circuitry and provides enhanced charging efficiency. With IQ4-X, your DLS battery charger will become an automatic four-stage "Smart Charger" with four different charging modes.

DLS-55 power converter

The IOTA Engineering DLS-55 power converter uses switch-mode technology to provide clean DC output and a demand-sensing feature. Its clean DC output prevents static failure of connected loads and premature failure of radio or television equipment. The converter also protects against power spikes and meets F.C.C. criteria for power quality and EMI/RFI protection. Its EMI/RFI-compliant design minimizes the interference to radio and television equipment.

The DLS-55 features a built-in intelligent charge controller, which helps to optimize battery charging methods. It is capable of parallel charging, 40-hour bulk charging, and equalization charging. It also features a proportional fan control circuit for slower fan start-up. This converter features a three-year warranty. It is able to deliver up to 55 amps of DC current to a DC load.

DLS-30 power converter

The IOTA Engineering DLS-30 power converter is a solid-state, high-efficiency battery charger for RVs. The converter can operate directly on a 12V battery or charge a 12-volt battery. This converter comes with an integrated IQ smart charge controller and a 3 year warranty. You'll be glad you purchased it! This converter is a great option for RVs, boaters, and other users who need a battery charger that will keep their batteries charged.

The DLS-30 is compatible with most wet-cell and sealed-a-gas-methanol batteries. If your battery is Gel Cell, check with your tech before purchasing a converter. IOTA engineering is committed to high-quality products. Its DLS-30 power converter has passed the UL and NSF standards. You can even find it on Amazon! It's easy to use! There's no need to worry about power surges. Its dual output feature allows you to power your RV from any AC source. The DLS-30 will keep all your equipment running without any issues.

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