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The year 2013 was characterized by further diversification of our product offerings with increased emphasis on lithium battery energy storage products and organizational restructuring to reduce our operating costs. During 2013, we released new lithium energy storage products for solar residential and commercial market segments resulting in 87% of our total sales generated from energy storage products. In 2013, organizational restructuring to align with our future anticipated product mix resulted in 55% reduction in net loss when compared to year 2012.
The rise of solar installations worldwide combined with regulatory incentives for energy storage has significantly increased market opportunity for lithium energy storage systems in residential and commercial applications. The rise of incentives in the developing world and emergence of renewable energy storage market provides us an opportunity to market our proprietary battery and power management technologies to customers worldwide.
The year we left behind us transformed our product mix, services and technologies, allowing us to deploy our portfolio of proprietary technologies to simultaneously address growing markets of electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Our global footprint, early market presence in heavy duty electric vehicle markets, customer and product diversification into renewable energy storage market gives us the confidence that our strategies have reduced our market risks and positioned us on a sustainable growth path.
We have entered into 2014 with a diverse product portfolio and organization structure that aligns with our future market strategies and strengthens our financial performance. Our efficiency improvements, including a reduction in operating costs, personnel reductions and measures to improve capital efficiency during 2013 will play an important part in our ability to ultimately achieve our vision of becoming a leader in sustainable energy and transportation solutions.
 Balwinder Samra
Vice Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
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