Best Hilitand Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches in 2022

Hilitand Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches

You've got your mind set on buying a Hilitand outdoor generator, but how do you know which switch is right for you? We've compiled this guide to help you decide. From Reliance Controls and Hilitand to Panel/Link X Series and Reliance Controls Pro/Tran, we've got you covered. But first, let's take a closer look at these transfer switches.

Reliance Controls

Reliance Controls' Hilitand Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches are an excellent choice for your outdoor power needs. They have been specifically designed to complement other Reliance Controls products and accessories. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor generators and are also an excellent choice for temporary power. Read on to learn more about the switch types. This article will discuss the basic functions of transfer switches and how they can help you protect your home.

The Pro/Tran 2 manual transfer switch is the next generation of the Loadside(tm) manual transfer switch. This switch mounts to a knockout on the load center. Factory wires are clearly labeled and color-coded. Simply select the circuits you need during an emergency and connect them to the wire leads provided by the switch. These switches are easy to install and operate.


The Big Power 5.5Kw (220V) and 11Kw(110V) are outdoor-grade generators that provide backup power. With the Fast Transfer Time of just 10 or 16 milliseconds, these generators are ideal for traffic signal applications. The controller features a knockout on the back for conduit. The switch's hinged lid is anti-corrosive and has UL listing for the US and Canada.

The Pro/Tran 2 outdoor transfer switch is NEMA 3R-rated and features a gasketed steel cabinet. This outdoor generator transfer switch includes a factory-installed power inlet and a 16-inch length of one-inch flexible conduit. It also includes a locking plug for easy connection of generator cords and up to 12 branch circuits. Whether you're powering a home or a business, the Pro/Tran 2 is an affordable and reliable way to keep your utility bills at bay.

The Nema L1430 transfer kit connects your generator to the house's electrical circuitry. Without the transfer switch, you would have to run extension cords from your generator to appliances throughout your home. Extension cords are difficult to use and can clog up wiring and cause fires. Moreover, a transfer switch allows you to power two-pole or 240-volt circuits and even a single-pole circuit.

Reliance Controls Pro/Tran 2

Reliance Controls Pro/Tran Series outdoor generator transfer switches are designed for easy installation and are NEMA 3R rated. They feature a gasketed steel cabinet with a factory installed power inlet and 16-inch length of 1-inch flexible conduit. The switches feature a built-in wattage meter and are ideal for outdoor installations. They are compatible with most popular circuit breakers, including RCD, GFCI, and 3-prong receptacles.

The Pro/Tran 2 outdoor generator transfer switch features a durable powder-coated steel cabinet and six combination 3/4-inch knockouts. The switch is equipped with a breaker with a 1-inch interchangeable circuit breaker, allowing you to select a larger size circuit or install an AFCI breaker. The unit comes with a hinged detachable cover, which allows you to easily access the wires when you need them.

This outdoor transfer switch is compatible with most brands of 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers. Moreover, it supports multiple double-pole circuits. It also features non-defeatable double-throw toggle switches. The Pro/Tran 2 series is UL-listed and meets Article 702 of the National Electrical Code. It can also be used for traffic signals and telecommunication sites.

Reliance Controls Pro/Tran2 outdoor generator transfer switches are easy to install and use. They are UL-1008 listed and can connect portable generators. In an emergency, when the lights or the refrigerator don't work, you can simply plug in a Reliance Controls Pro/Tran 2 outdoor generator transfer switch and flip a switch to get back to normal life.

Reliance Controls Panel/Link X Series

Designed for outdoor use, the Reliance Controls Panel/Link ® X Series outdoor generator transfer switches are an excellent choice for homeowners who need to safely connect their generator to household wiring. This transfer switch protects your electrical wiring and prevents utility power from simultaneously powering your circuits. The sequentially switched neutral enables you to safely switch between portable generator power and utility power.

The Pro/Tran 2 is the latest model of Loadside(tm) manual transfer switch. This indoor surface mount transfer switch attaches to a knockout in the load center. The wires come with color-coded leads, and the user simply selects which circuits they want to activate during an emergency. Then, they connect the pro/Tran 2 wire leads to each circuit.

Reliance Controls Home Protectors

The Reliance Controls Home Protectors are a line of innovative products that complement the installation of your transfer switch or portable generator. These products include Monitoring systems that provide early warning of power outages, freezing, or floods, as well as Security alarms for home use or hotels. These products will provide you with peace of mind and give you the peace of mind you need when power outages strike. Other Home Protectors include watt sensors and voltage sensors that monitor the power supply and output of your portable generator and transfer switch.

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