Best Heavy Duty Battery Chargers in 2022

Heavy Duty Battery Chargers

Three new heavy duty AGM battery chargers have been introduced by Associated Equipment Corp. They include the 6006AGM, 6009AGM, and 6012AGM. According to David Sickels, Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment, these three battery chargers are great options for fleets, and will handle all types of AGM batteries. The chargers have five charging positions, a 70/65/30 continuous rating, and a 280-amp crank assist.

Associated Equipment

If you're in need of a heavy-duty battery charger for your truck or fleet, look no further than Associated Equipment. Their heavy-duty battery chargers meet a variety of professional and industrial requirements. These units come with 16 different rates of charge and features, including a continuous charge capacity of 75 amps, a crank-assist power of 375 amps, and a 500-amp fully insulated flexi-spring clamp system. Other features include an automatic timer, patented "Stop/Go" light, hinged steel covers, and a sturdy 7-inch tire.

In addition to heavy-duty battery chargers, Associated Equipment also manufactures related products. Some of its battery chargers are made in the USA. They offer products for commercial vehicles, industrial equipment, and automotive use. Many of their products are also UL listed. The company offers many warranties and service centers to support their heavy-duty battery chargers. So, if you're in need of a battery charger for your truck or fleet, you should look no further than Associated Equipment.

If you're looking for a battery charger for a truck or fleet, consider a charging rack. This accessory provides storage for up to fifteen automobile batteries and features three shelves with ten pairs of 400 amp charging leads. These insulated storage bars eliminate the risk of live electrical connections with the battery terminals. These units work with a Model 6065 or 6068 multiple parallel battery charger. They also include an insulated storage shelf made of 1/8" polypropylene sheet that is acid-resistant. They are compatible with the Associated 6075S parallel bus bar kit and a 611424 circuit board. The 6075S parallel bus bar features Smart Circuit Protection.


A Schumacher heavy duty battery charger is a great investment for any vehicle owner. This high-quality battery charger comes with a variety of features, including an amp meter that displays the battery's charge levels. The charger's LCD screen displays the battery's current and voltage, so you can monitor its charging progress. This type of charger also prevents your battery from overcharging if it is full. It also works as an engine starter, so you can jumpstart your car when your battery dies.

The Schumacher SC1325 features a microprocessor control system that automatically monitors important battery parameters. This charger's digital display makes it easy to use, though the absence of physical knobs is a disadvantage for people who wear gloves. However, the digital display is a great benefit when working in dark environments. With so many features, the charger is an indispensable addition to any workshop. It is the perfect tool for professional use, but is also easy to transport and store.

For commercial applications, the Schumacher SE-3000 is an ideal charger. It is a powerful unit for heavy-duty farming equipment, eliminating the need to buy and maintain separate 18-volt and 24-volt battery chargers. The charger is fully automatic, turning on and off automatically as needed to ensure safe charging of deep-cycle batteries. If you're looking to mount your charger next to a battery on a collectible, you can easily attach mounting brackets to its side.


If you're in need of a heavy duty battery charger, look no further than a Victron heavy duty battery charger. With a range of useful features, this charger will keep your batteries running longer. Its blue smart IP65 design has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to check its status from your smartphone or tablet. The chargers' seven step charging algorithm keeps the battery healthy and performing at peak levels. In addition, you can set up the device via your smartphone or tablet for a convenient battery monitoring experience.

The Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger is great for medium-duty applications and is constructed of durable steel. Its overall dimensions are 7.32 inches wide, 2.76 inches tall and weigh 3.96 pounds. It's also easy to install and has a five-year worldwide warranty. You won't have to worry about overcharging batteries anymore. And with its high-output features, you'll have more than enough power to run your vehicle for years.

The Victron Centaur battery charger has three isolated charging outputs and accepts a wide range of voltages. The charger can simultaneously charge three separate battery banks and maintain full output power within specified ranges. It's also equipped with an internal temperature sensor and automatically compensates its voltage with - 2 mV per degree of temperature. The Centaur heavy duty battery charger has a built-in temperature sensor to prevent overcharging.


One of the best ways to jump-start your vehicle is with a Stark Heavy Duty Battery Charger. This unit can jump-start most automobiles, small trucks, and SUVs. It has a 600A starting current, which will jump-start your car, SUV, or truck. You can choose between the 12V and 24V models, and either one will work for your vehicle. Some heavy-duty chargers also have special features that can handle a larger battery than others.

There are several key requirements for a heavy-duty battery charger. While the charging current and voltage output are obvious specifications, you should also consider the number of charging ports. A heavy-duty industrial battery charger should have at least four charging ports. A larger number of ports will ensure that your battery charger is flexible enough to handle the charging demands of your fleet. And remember, a heavier-duty charger means more performance. So, it's always a good idea to invest in a high-end model.


If you need to charge a large number of batteries at once, an Ossia charger is an excellent choice. The company offers high-powered wireless charging technology and provides a full stack solution for OEM customers. The company is committed to making all of its products compatible with the Cota Home system, and the company has already developed a wireless charging mat. The Forever Battery is the perfect example of a wireless charger with an innovative twist.

Ossia has raised $35 million to date and has a growing list of partners, including smartphone accessory maker Spigen. However, it faces significant competition from companies such as Energous and Powercast, which were founded in 2003 and are developing at-distance wireless power systems. Energous licenses transmitters that send power up to 15 feet away to devices using a radio signal.

Ossia's technology is designed to redefine wireless power. Its patented Cota technology safely delivers targeted energy to devices even at a distance, and its patented RF smart antenna technology automatically keeps multiple devices fully charged. Its Cota technology allows consumers to enjoy a wire-free world, and Ossia works with licensing organizations to integrate its technology into their own devices.


JEGS heavy duty battery chargers have a variety of features and benefits to maximize battery life. The Associated Wheel charger is weatherproof, with a powder coated steel enclosure and chrome tubular handles. Its 100% copper cable with flexible insulation ensures safety during operation. And, with its integrated safety features, including an automatic shutoff, it is easy to use and reduces risk while driving. It also features copper jaws on insulated steel clamps.

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