Best Hawker Cyclon 6V Batteries in 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Eners and Flat Plate Batteries for Hawker Cyclon 6V

If you are interested in purchasing a replacement battery for your Hawker Cyclon, this article is for you. We will discuss the benefits of this product, including Eners and Flat plate design. You will also learn about its lifespan and replacement options. Once you have decided which one is right for you, read on for more information. We hope you will find our article helpful. If not, read on to learn about the pros and cons of this product.


The Eners for Hawker Cyclon 6 Volt Batteries are designed to provide a superior level of deep discharge and high rate power density. Originally manufactured by Hawker Energy and Gates Energy, the Eners for Hawker Cyclon is a superior alternative to conventional batteries. The unique cyclon configuration features three D cells in a horizontal row for optimum power density. These batteries are great for a variety of applications and are available in several sizes to fit the specific needs of your needs.

The Hawker/Cyclon/Enersys 0810-0102 battery is a replacement battery for many emergency lighting units. It features F2 terminals and can recharge in under an hour. The long life means fewer battery replacements. The unit is also ideal for telecommunications. The Hawker Cyclon 6V batteries are extremely durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Flat plate design

If you are unsure about the flat plate design of your Hawker Cyclon 6V batteries, you can check out our reviews and find out what it is best for. The advantage of the flat plate design is that it is more efficient than a flooded design. Listed below are some of its benefits. Weighing in at less than one kilogram, it has the same capacity as a flooded battery, but is more lightweight.

The pressure relief setting of a flooded cell is generally set at about 34kPa (5psi). This voltage is important as higher voltages may cause sulfation and a decrease in capacity. In case of a flat plate design, the pressure relief setting is set at 345kPa (50psi), which allows the cells to recover some of the gas generated during charge.

The dimensions of a single 9064W battery are 77mm x 139mm x 54mm. The dummy battery case measures 84mm x 155mm x 115mm. The battery is easily removable from the case. If you are not comfortable removing it from the battery, you can use an external dummy battery case to protect it. It is also ideal for hospital and office installations due to its rugged construction and reliable performance in extreme temperatures.

Another important feature of the Cyclon cell is that it is possible to hammer it using current. It is possible to assemble 2v/25ah Cyclon cells if you have the proper CV regulation. The downside of the hammering Cyclon cell design is that it is more expensive than Odyssey PC625 (18ah) or Odyssey PC925 (27ah). Nevertheless, the flat plate design for Hawker Cyclon batteries is the same as Odyssey agms. For comparison, the Enersys manuals are essentially the same. You can also check out Universal and Powersonic batteries.

Life expectancy

Extended service life of Hawker Cyclon 6V batteries is an important feature to consider when replacing your existing battery. If you take care of your battery properly, it can last more than a decade, which means fewer replacements. Here are some tips to make your batteries last longer. Follow these tips to extend the life of your battery and make your life easier! These batteries are ideal for mobile devices, such as laptops, and are often used in medical equipment.

Replacement batteries

The Hawker Cyclon 6V 2.5AH D Cell Monobloc SLA battery is a superior long-life replacement for your medical device. This battery is rechargeable and does not require maintenance while in use. It is safe for hospital and office installations. In addition, this battery performs well in extreme temperatures. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices, including portable audio and video equipment. The following is a comparison of the Hawker Cyclon 6V replacement batteries.

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