Best GOOLOO Jump Starters in 2022

GOOLOO Jump Starters

If you have a car and are having trouble starting it, you may be wondering what type of GOOLOO Jump Starter will work best for your vehicle. This article will provide you with some information about the GP4000, XP-3, ROAV Jump Starter Pro, and GP37-Plus. Once you have purchased one of these, you will be able to use it without having to worry about a dead battery terminal.


GOOLOO GP4000 Jumpstarters are heavy-duty portable car battery jump starters with dual USB charging ports. This allows you to charge multiple devices on the road without having to worry about charging them all at once. It comes with a 12-volt battery clamp, USB-A to Type-C cable, user manual, and storage case. The GP4000 is also backed by a lifetime warranty and free tech support.

GP4000 is the flagship model of GOOLOO, delivering 4000-amps of power for jump-starting cars. It supports ALL gasoline and diesel engines up to 10.0-liters. It can jump start a car in seconds with a dead battery. It also features over-voltage and over-charge protection. In addition, this car battery booster packs are lightweight and easy to carry in a purse or pocket.


If you're in the market for a new jump starter for your car, you may want to consider the GOOLOO XP-3 Jump starter. This product is ideal for powersports enthusiasts and measures about an inch thick. You can carry it in your pocket or backpack. It can jump start gas engines of five liters and has two USB charging ports. With a price tag of only $49 shipped, this is a great deal for a portable jump starter.

Compared to many jump starters, this one offers the highest peak amps at 500A. This is more than enough to get your car started. It also provides power to charge your electronics, including phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Its dual USB port lets you charge two devices simultaneously. It is an excellent choice for travelers, mechanics, or everyday use. It also has a capacity indicator to indicate the charge remaining.

Another great option for travelers is the GOOLOO XP-3 Jumpstarter. These versatile devices come with a range of functions and cost around $100. These products work in most vehicles ranging from cars and boats to lawn mowers, snowmobiles, and more. You can buy one online or at a store near you. While it's best to have a jump starter in your car, you may want to bring one along if you travel a lot. You'll find yourself using it frequently.

Micro-Start: This device comes with a carrying case and a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. The micro-starter also comes with a USB cable and a carrying case. There are two USB ports, one of which is USB-C. It also has a USB-C port and a 12V port. Moreover, the Micro-Start comes with a warranty and customer service that is responsive.

GOOLOO XP-3 Jump is equipped with two smart clamps for a proper connection to your battery. It is equipped with an LED flashlight with three modes, namely SOS light and Flash Light. It features intelligent jumper clamps to protect the battery from being ruined and allowing a safe and convenient way to jumpstart your car. A number of other safety features make the product even more reliable.

ROAV Jump Starter Pro

The ROAV Jumpstarter Pro for GOOLOO Jump Starterers offers a variety of benefits for the driver. Its 2000 amps of power are enough to jump start a 6.5L gas or 8.0L diesel engine, and it comes with a 20000mAh battery pack. The device also includes a flashlight with three modes, a compass, and two USB outputs for charging devices. It also has an SOS flashing signal for emergency assistance, and two USB ports.

The ROAV Jumpstarter Pro for GOOLOO Jump Starterers are compatible with any make or model. The Micro-Start Sport is smaller and 300 peak amps, while the XP-10HD is a larger model. The manufacturer has applied its expertise in creating cables and adapters for home and office use to their car-related products. Anker claims their Jumpstarters can jump start up to 8 liter engines.

The ROAV Jumpstarter Pro for GOOLOO Jump Starter is a 6-in-1 jump starter with dual USB ports and fast-charging technology for iPhones and Android smartphones. This jump starter is priced at $75 on Amazon. This portable device also offers an LED flashlight for dimly lit environments. It is also compatible with smaller devices like iPods and USB drives. It has an excellent battery life, which is crucial for a car jump starter.

The ROAV Jump Starter Pro for GOOO Jump Starters includes a car charger and cigarette lighter accessory adapter. A micro-USB cable allows you to recharge the unit with your phone. Its lithium battery has an improved lifespan and more capacity than the lead-acid version. Unlike lead-acid jump starters, it can last up to three months on a single charge.

The ROAV Jump Starter Pro for GOOO Jump Starters comes with multiple safety features, including reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Its manual override mode, which is activated by pressing the power and light buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, will help start your car with lower voltage. Another bonus is that this unit is dust and water-proof. This feature is useful when you have to jump-start a car with less than 8 volts.


The GOOLOO GP37-Plus is one of the most popular 12V car jump starters available today. Its high peak current of 800A and 18000mAh lithium battery can jump start almost any 12V vehicle, including gas and diesel vehicles. The GP37-Plus can also be used to recharge other portable devices and as a power bank. Depending on your needs, you may even find it useful as a flashlight in an emergency.

The GP37-Plus comes with dual USB output charging ports, a super bright LED work light, and three modes to help you find the battery quickly and effectively. This battery charger has built-in protection for over-current and over-voltage/surge. The device has an auxiliary input port so that you can connect your smartphone or tablet to play music. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

If you are planning to use your GP37-Plus in an emergency, make sure it has a fully charged battery. Normally, it takes 3 to 5 hours to recharge a device. Its power level is high enough to jump both gas and diesel engines. Customers can use it to jump start their car or sailboat. Make sure not to reverse the connections - this could result in electrical problems.

The GP37-Plus has a USB 3.0 output port that is great for charging many devices, including cell phones and MP3 players. It also has a flashlight built into the unit. Its strobe light can attract attention and help you locate the problem quickly. You can even use it to charge multiple portable devices at once. In addition to being extremely convenient, the Gooloo GP37-Plus is highly affordable and comes with a warranty.

Unlike other jump starters, the Gooloo GP37-Plus is lightweight and compact. Its lithium-ion battery pack weighs 1.4 pounds. It can provide up to two emergency jumps per charge. It is also compatible with most lead-acid locomotive batteries. The GP37-Plus can also jump start big diesel trucks. These units are a perfect option if you are looking for a high-end jump starter that will last for a long time.

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