Best GOOLOO Jump Starters & Battery Chargers in 2022

GOOLOO Jump Starters & Batteries

GOOLOO Jump Starters & Batteries come in different sizes, shapes, and power output. They can start vehicles up to 6.0L gasoline and 4.5L diesel. The GP150 is one such device. It has a 600 amp peak current and features heavy-duty clamps and dual quick charging output. It is also able to jump start multiple vehicles at once. This product is suitable for a wide range of situations.

GOOLOO GP2000 jump starter

The GOOLOO GP2000 jump starter and battery charger is a versatile power supply for your car that can jumpstart a dead battery and maintain a healthy battery. It is a 12-volt, portable jump starter that has multiple usb output ports for your car accessories. Its USB 3.0 Quick Charge port makes charging your devices faster and more efficient. Designed to be used in emergency situations, the GP2000 is a powerful portable power supply for your vehicle.

This lightweight jump starter pack delivers 2000 amps of power, making it ideal for vehicles with gas or diesel engines. It is compatible with a wide range of battery voltages, including hybrids. It is also temperature-resistant, operating at temperatures between -4degF and 104degF. Using this jump starter and battery charger on ice and snow is also safe thanks to its 8 built-in safety features, including reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection.

This smart jump starter and battery charger comes with an LCD intelligent clamp and 8 advanced safety protection features. It is UL-listed, has a 15V/1A output, and has three charging modes: standard, quick, and emergency. It also comes with a built-in LED flashlight and a three-mode LED flashlight. It is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, and emergencies. It is durable and compatible with a variety of battery types, including lithium-ion, alkaline, and AGM.

The GOOLOO GP2000 jump starter and battery charger has many benefits, including a large lithium-ion battery, USB ports, and many charging modes. The 73Wh lithium-ion battery delivers 2000 peak amps, which may be insufficient for larger vehicles, but can easily jump a 2.5-liter engine. Unlike other battery packs, this charger excels at charging electronics with USB ports.


The GOOLOO GP140 jump starter and battery charger is a compact portable device that packs a 14000 mAh Li-Ion battery. Its sleek design makes it a great choice for your car. Available in two color schemes, it is rated at 600 Peak Amps and can jumpstart most car models, including 6.0L Gas Engines and 4.5L Diesel Engines. The GP140 can provide up to 25 jump starts per charge, and its advanced patented safety tech helps to ensure your safety while you're using it.

The GP140 is equipped with a 600-amp lithium-ion battery that delivers powerful starting power to any car. The device features advanced anti-spark technology, reverse-polarity protection, and a dual USB quick-charge port. The device delivers up to 20 full-power jump starts per charge and boasts multiple safety features, including over-voltage and over-charge protection.

Unlike its competitors, the GOLOO GP140 uses an advanced lithium ion polymer battery cell. This jump starter will jump-start a car with a 6.0L gas or 4.5L diesel engine in as little as 5 seconds. Its dual quick-charge outputs give it an edge over competitors with similar products. The GP140 also features a powerful LED flashlight, SOS emergency light, and dual USB portable chargers.

GOOLOO GP140 with tire inflator

The GOOLOO GP140 with tire-inflator jump starter combines five different functions to give you fast and convenient help in an emergency. Its 600-amp lithium-ion battery packs powerful starting power and offers multiple safety features. The dual USB-powered adapter can power portable devices like a tire-inflator or mobile phone, as well as charging other jump starters.

The GP140 weighs only 15.5 ounces and packs a 14000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The sleek design is very pleasing to the eye, and it comes in two different color schemes. It can supply 600 peak amperes of power and is suitable for both gas and diesel engines. The battery-operated tire-inflator can provide up to 25 jump starts, and its patented safety technology ensures safe use.

GOOLOO GP140 with Type-C PD 60W outlet

The GOOLOO GP140 with Type C PD 60W outlet for jump starters and battery chargers is a small and lightweight car power supply that packs a powerful punch. This portable device can provide up to 1,500 peak amps of power and can jump start most twelve-volt gasoline and diesel engines. This portable device is compact and has multiple safety features for added peace of mind.

The GOOLOO GP140 features a rugged exterior with unique outlets for charging tablets, mobile phones and laptops. The three-mode LED light also enhances the user's safety. This is also the first car jump starter with a Type-C PD 60W outlet. The Type-C outlet supports a 20V/3A connection, which is perfect for charging Apple laptops or Google Chromebooks.

GOOLOO GP140 with built-in LED lights

The GOOLOO GP140 is a powerful multi-purpose jump starter that offers a number of advanced features without sacrificing safety. Its lithium-ion battery offers a capacity of 14000 mAh and weighs just 15.5 ounces. It works on all kinds of vehicle engines, including 6.0L Gas and 4.5L Diesel. In addition to being a great jump starter, the GP140 can also be used as a dual USB portable charger, S.O.S emergency light, and LED flashlight.

The GOOLOO GP140 features an integrated LED flashlight and has an output USB 3.0 port. The unit also features a 10000 mAh Li-PO battery cell and has three LED settings (strobe, normal, and S.O.S). It is available in black and yellow colors and has a two-year warranty. The GP140 comes with a user manual and a three-in-one USB cable.

Aside from being a great battery charger, the GP140 also serves as a tire-inflator. It has a 260-PSI air compressor, so you can easily inflate a tire when you need to. You can also use the unit as a digital Bluetooth radio. It can stream music from your phone to its built-in speakers, and connect to other devices through its auxiliary input port.

The GP140 has an LED light on the handle for safety and security. It is lightweight and features a 55-inch 2-AWG lead. It comes with a recessed wall outlet charging port and a USB port. The unit also features a master disconnect switch. Its size and weight make it an excellent choice for cold weather. When it comes to jumping a car, you can't go wrong with a good quality jump starter and a reliable battery charger.

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