Best Generac Outdoor Generators & Portable Power in 2022

Generac Outdoor Generators & Portable Power

If you're going camping or need some portable power, you can't go wrong with a Generac outdoor generator. These large, powerful models provide enough power for the entire house, and they're especially useful for families with kids or parents who work from home. In addition to outdoor power, Generac outdoor generators also provide the power you need for everyday tasks. Listed below are some important features that you should look for in your next portable power generator.


There are many reasons to invest in Generac Outdoor Generators & Portable Power. They can provide backup power in case of an emergency, improve your camping experience, or provide flexibility on the jobsite. One such portable generator is the iQ3500 inverter generator, which can provide you with power anywhere you go, whether it's tailgating parties or camping trips, or even workdays. The iQ3500 is also very efficient and long-running, making it an excellent choice for any professional jobsite.

When considering a portable generator, many people consider the noise level of the unit. Some units are louder than a hair dryer. Noise levels are affected by the composition of the engine, but Generac makes its generators as quiet as possible. The iQ2000, for example, offers three different operating modes, so you can choose what you need. A two-200-watt generator can power an average household of up to six devices.


If you're looking for an outdoor power source that's perfect for your next construction project, consider a DeWalt Generac portable power generator. With its 80cc OHV engine and CO-Protect Technology, the DXGNI2200 is built to keep your job site running efficiently. Other features include an Auto Throttle, four covered outlets, and a convenient handle. It produces clean power for sensitive electronics.

The Honda EU2200i is a popular choice for large homes. Its wattage of 8,500 watts should be more than enough to supply a house with power during an extended outage. Its electronic fuel injection technology should ensure consistent, clean power. The Honda is quiet, too: it emits the same amount of noise as a coffeemaker at full blast. However, Honda's cutting-edge technology doesn't come cheap. DeWalt is another popular brand of portable power generators.

While there are many types of portable power generators available, the most important factor is wattage. You don't need as much wattage as you do for a small space heater or sump pump, but you will need more than this if you plan on using multiple appliances, such as a toaster, coffee maker, or microwave. Generac offers both gasoline and propane generators.

Goal Zero

If you're looking for a great all-terrain solar generator, consider the Goal Zero Yeti 3000X. Its big wheels and carriage make it easy to transport, and it has an 1800 watt output. The lightweight design makes it a great option for any worksite or overlanding trip. The EcoFlow Delta 1300 also has a nice design, and the device features a negative-LED display.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium is a high-quality portable power station. It uses lithium power cells, which provide improvements in weight and size. Its size is only 45 pounds and has robust metal handles. The unit is capable of powering all types of electronic devices, including your home appliances. A 22-kW model is suitable for most homes and is quiet and efficient. The unit comes with a home integration kit and a top-of-the-line charge controller.

This portable solar generator is lightweight and easy to carry. Its battery bank can recharge multiple devices at the same time. It can power up to five devices at a time. It is capable of charging cell phones, laptops, and cameras. The Goal Zero includes two USB ports, 2.1 A, and 120W 12V ports. If you are going to be out camping for a long time, the battery bank is the perfect option.


The iQ3500 is a quiet-operating, portable power generator. It comes with everything you need to start it up, including a separate oil tank and funnel. This model also has an hour meter and electric or recoil start options. It also has a low fuel indicator so you can see when it needs to be refilled. This outdoor power source is ideal for tailgating, camping, and other activities that require a reliable source of power.

The Generac IQ3500 is one of the most versatile generators on the market. It is great for camping, tailgating, and food trucks, and is also good for minor home backup. Its dual outlets provide electrical current upon demand and is quieter than Generac's EU3000is model. Additionally, the IQ3500 is Ultra Quiet so it meets noise-reduction requirements for RVs.

With a range of features to meet your needs, the IQ3500 can serve as a handy backup power source anywhere you need it. With an impressive starting capacity of 3500 watts, it can power a variety of devices. Its inverter technology and enclosed design deliver an optimal level of quiet performance. Its PowerRush(tm) Advanced Technology provides 16% more power than Honda's equivalent and 50% more starting capacity.


The GP2500i Outdoor Generator combines high-quality inverter technology and portable portability to deliver reliable power for your outdoor activities. At two hundred and twenty-five pounds, this portable power source is lightweight and easy to carry. Its TruePower Technology produces clean, quiet power that won't disrupt your neighbors or wildlife. The portable power supply is also quiet and features an Economy Mode for better fuel economy. You can even parallel two units for dual power and dual voltage output.

The GP2500i is fully enclosed to reduce noise. Its TruePower Technology delivers clean, stable power, making it ideal for sensitive appliances, tools, and electronics. The portable power supply is lightweight, with a convenient, ergonomic design that can be easily carried by one person. Its Economy Mode controls engine speed and noise while preserving fuel. Its Low-Oil Shutdown safeguards the engine against damage. Its LED indicators also alert you to low oil levels, low power level, and when to use it. The GP2500i is legally sold in all fifty states.


The Generac GP17500E Outdoor Generator and Portable Power is a powerful, lightweight, and convenient power source. This model comes loaded with extras, including automatic shut-off and an easy-to-read fuel gauge. Its OHVI(tm) engine is designed specifically for generators, and has full-pressure lubrication and an automatic style oil filter spinner. Its fuel tank holds 16 gallons and comes with a fuel gauge so users can check their fuel level at a glance.

This powerful portable generator is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including camping, tailgating, and outdoor events. It features an extra-thick steel frame and heavy-duty pneumatic wheels for easy transport. It also includes an integrated lifting eye and a durable handle for easy portability. Moreover, this portable power supply is packed with useful features, such as a fuel gauge and reminders for oil consumption.

The Generac GP17500E is an excellent choice for jobs where the power supply is intermittent or nonexistent. Its high-output output allows you to power appliances and tools with ease. Moreover, it charges its battery in six hours. The portable power station can also serve as a backup power source for residential purposes in times of power outages. Its output power is enough to start several five-ton air conditioners. It also features a 50-amp high-power outlet with twist-lock plug and GFCI-protected duplex outlets.

GP5500 Dual Fuel

The Generac GP5500 Dual Fuel Outdoor and Portable Power generator is a compact unit. With a steel-tube cradle and 9.5-inch wheels, this unit is lightweight yet durable. Its built-in fuel gauge and digital data center help you keep track of the number of hours the unit has run. The unit weighs about 170 pounds, making it convenient for camping, RV travel, and outdoor events.

The GP5500 is 7.2 gallons of oil capacity. It has wheels on both sides and four common and one industrial outlet. The unit's OHV engine delivers 120/240 volts and is protected from overheating. The Generac GP5500 can work up to 10 hours before it needs to shut off. Its durability is increased with a 3 year limited warranty and a one-year full warranty.

The control panel of the Generac GP5500 is a bit limited compared to more expensive options. It has outlets, an hour meter, and a fuel gauge, but not a battery monitor or an indicator light for low oil. The unit also uses a recoil starter instead of an electric push start. In addition to these features, the GP5500 comes with a convenient carrying case and carry bag.


The Westinghouse WGen7500 Outdoor Generator combines high-quality features with a portable design to provide dependable, long-lasting power for your camping trip or other outdoor needs. This portable power source features a powerful 9500 peak watts of output and a fuel tank capacity of 6.6 gallons. In addition, this Westinghouse portable generator features an intuitive control panel and a digital hour meter that shows the voltage output, frequency, and lifetime hours.

The WGen7500 features four 120V 15-amp standard outlets, as well as one 12V DC outlet and one RV 120V 30 amp TT-30R receptacle. In addition, it has a Smart Switch Ready outlet, allowing for automatic transfer of power in case of a power outage. The WGen7500 comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support.

The WGen7500 is easily started and offers a 9500-watt peak output. This unit also features a fuel gauge to check the level of gas. It can power up to half a large house, garage, or barn. You can even use it to illuminate a barn. The WGen7500 also has a battery charger and an oil funnel. One can choose to buy a storage cover for the unit separately.

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