MX30 Class 8 Electric Tractor


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    • 65 MPH top speed
    • 125 mile range fully loaded
    • 25 ton towing capacity | 80,000 lbs GCW
    • 4 – 6 hour charge time from 80% discharge


    • Proprietary liquid cooled 240 kW Inverter
    • Lithium battery pack | 320 kwhr
    • Proprietary 40 | 60 kw Fast charger 450-700 vdc output
    • Six speed automatic transmission
    • Proprietary battery management system


Comfortable, ergonomic layout of the cab with a wrap around dash with automatic transmission allows driver to navigate daily workloads with ultimate control and safety. In daily stop and go inner city workday, MX30 delivers comfort during idling and waiting to pickup a load. Powerful electric motor with no noise, vibration or heat provides a serene environment for the driver, away from air and noise pollution providing ultimate in comfort during long wait periods. Low maintenance technology with no engine fluids to check or filters to change, reduces maintenance and vehicle down time making MX30 idle for short-haul applications. Charging vehicle is as simple as charging cell phone, plug the charging cord push GO and automatic charger performs a complete diagnostic of the vehicle and completes charging in less than four hours. MX30 can also be opportunity charged during the day increases daily range without impacting battery life. Proprietary Battery Management system monitors each battery cell and provides accurate feedback on vehicle State of Charge (SOC) allowing driver to schedule daily work load. Driver cabin includes dual diagnostic panels that monitor and provide real time feedback on vehicle and battery system status reducing unscheduled downtime.

Product Features

  • Idle-Off: MX30 reduces fuel consumption by shutting off the drive system when vehicle idles for more than 180 seconds. During idle-off accessory control systems, such as power steering and air compressor remain operational ensuring safety is never compromised. Energy consumed during idling can reduce fuel consumption by over 85% during daily stop and go inner city applications. Less idling means less maintenance of vehicle drive train, resulting in 55% reduction in average maintenance costs of MX30 when compared to a diesel vehicle.
  • Fuel Economy: MX30 electric drive system reduces fuel consumption by 74% in daily inner city applications. Idle-off, on-demand operation of accessories such as air compressor, and air conditioner, combined with over 90% efficiency of electric motor provides three times more fuel to wheel efficiency than a diesel truck.
  • Regenerative Braking: Regenerative braking transfers energy back to the batteries during braking and also provides speed control when vehicle is traveling downgrade. This feature also reduces brake maintenance during inner city stop and go applications.
  • Low Noise:Noise pollution of over 75 db generated by diesel tractors is a significant contributor to health risks of drivers and local communities with large population of Class 8 tractors. MX30 with no noise during idling and maximum noise of less than 70 db during operation is a significant benefit for the driver and local communities

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