Mule M100 is one of the latest developments of Balqon Corporation to address on-road cargo carrying applications. This vehicle carries over 4 Tons of cargo and can travel over 150 miles (unloaded) 90 miles (loaded) on a single charge.Electric motor coupled with six speed automatic transmission, you get the startup power when it matters the most. Quick-Shift technology, that learns as you drive giving you smooth and comfortable driving pleasure behind the wheel during daily driving in stop and go inner city applications. Equipped standard with Regenerative braking promotes energy efficiency and safety during downhill driving. Zero emission driving machine that makes a statement of respecting the environment and economic efficiency that lowers your cost per mile by 74% when compared to diesel trucks. At Balqon Corporation, we are committed to integrating zero emission technologies from controllers, chargers and battery systems for truck and bus markets, which has resulted in innovative fast charging and idle-off technologies that increase vehicle daily range and efficiency. Incorporating over 10,000 hrs of stop and go field tested Balqon heavy duty drive train makes M100 most reliable and maintenance free with positive impact to our customers bottom line and the community they serve.

Product Features

  • Operational Ease – 6 Speed fully automatic transmission � High Torque and Efficiency at all speeds
  • High performance AC Induction Motor
  • 76% More Energy Efficient than comparable Diesel trucks in Class 6 applications
  • Powered from a Lithium Iron Phospate battery pack which has an extended life cycle: 2500 cycles at 80 percent DOD or 5000 cycles at 70 percent DOD – 5 year warranty. Reduces Operator stress & fatigue minimized with low decibel levels in cabin (electric drive system runs quiet)
  • (BMS) Battery Monitoring to control temperature – charge – current life – and voltage of battery pack
  • Comprehensive real time monitoring of vehicle from Dash mounted LCD Display and diagnostic system
  • Vehicle Maintenance virtually eliminated with integrated digital CAN BUS system & proprietary diagnostics
  • Sealed Liquid cooled Traction controls Increases power and durability in high torque applications
  • Cab Climate control with heating – Air Conditioning – Defrosting capability
  • Heavy duty Torque converter – reduces shock and strain on drive line components

Download Brochures

pdficonM100 Product Specifications


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