Electric Drivetrain


Custom Electric Vehicle Drivetrain For Trucks, Tractors and Buses

Balqon Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of zero emission electric drivetrains for medium and heavy duty truck and bus markets. Since 2005, we have developed proprietary EV technologies which include EV inverters, lithium battery packs, battery management systems, fast chargers and vehicle control systems for trucks and buses. We utilize our technologies in electric vehicles we manufacture but also market our drivetrains to other vehicle manufacturers in domestic and international markets.

Our design capability includes custom design and integration of our technologies into current OEM chassis designs to reduce vehicle development time for our OEM partners. In addition our existing drivetrain configurations for Freightliner, Navistar and Ford E450 models can be used to repower existing diesel vehicles to electric vehicles.


Off-Highway Heavy Duty Drivetrain
for Ports, Mining and Airports


Electric drivetrain is most efficient when used in high idling applications such as marine terminal tractor, aircraft tugs and tractors, mining vehicles and other heavy duty applications. Balqon electric drivetrain is available in 100 hp to 300 hp configurations with system voltages up to 600 volts DC. All our drive systems use AC induction motor coupled to transmissions providing high torque at low speeds. Battery packs range from 80 kWhr to 400 kWhr providing adequate energy to complete daily operations. Our modular system approach allows us to customize drivetrain, battery pack and charger to specific OEM requirements reducing development time.

Medium Duty Truck Drivetrain for Cargo and Package Delivery


Medium duty trucks such as delivery vans, utility vehicles, box trucks and flat beds are most commonly used for short haul deliveries in urban areas. Heavy traffic and restrictions on tailpipe emissions make these applications ideal for electric drivetrains. Balqon EV drivetrains are available in 100 hp to 300 hp configurations with AC induction motor coupled to automatic six speed transmission providing maximum speed of 65mph. Custom battery pack design ranging from 80 kWhr to 300 kWhr can provide a fully loaded range of up to 100 miles on a single charge. Modular design of the drivetrain makes it ideal for repower of existing fossil fuel vehicles in most applications.

Electric Shuttle Bus Drivetrain for Schools, Airports and Hotels


Shuttle buses ranging in size from 14 passenger airport shuttle buses to large school buses are ideally suited for electric drivetrain. These applications in large urban centers have defined routes with adequate lag time to allow for fast charging the vehicles for longer range. Most airports with stringent air quality requirements leads to a very short life cycle for buses operated in these urban centers. Balqon drivetrain modular design allows for repower of existing or new vehicles with performance that meets or exceeds diesel vehicles currently in use. Available in 100 hp to 300 hp drivetrain with a range of 100 miles loaded on single charge makes our drivetrain an ideal choice for large urban centers.

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