Best Eaton Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches in 2022

Eaton Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are the most popular way to safely and easily run a generator outdoors. They can be purchased as manual or automatic units, and many different features and options are available. In this article, we'll discuss the features of the GenReady Load Center and Green ATS advanced electronics. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to transfer switches. However, you will gain a better understanding of what each type of switch has to offer.

Automatic transfer switch

When utility power fails, automatic transfer switches ensure that you'll have uninterrupted power during an outage. Depending on the type of Eaton outdoor generator you have, these switches can range from 50 to 400 amps. They're also available for both non-service-rated and service-rated models, as well as generator ready load centers. Here's more information about Eaton's automatic transfer switches. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

An automatic transfer switch is an important part of any emergency power system. It provides efficient secondary and primary electrical access. It automatically detects when power is lost and switches the connection to the generator. For higher-amp-rated applications, Eaton offers a Magnum automatic transfer switch. Choose from a variety of enclosures, including NEMA 3R enclosures. Some models even include heaters. These are ideal for outdoor applications where power outages are common.

Another important consideration when choosing an Eaton automatic transfer switch is whether you'll need it for three or single-phase power. Three-phase power applications typically require a switched neutral conductor. Single-phase applications typically require a third-pole switch. Automatic transfer switches are also available with bypass isolation for redundancy. For critical applications, an Eaton automatic transfer switch can provide dual switching functionality. In these situations, a standard automatic transfer switch may be sufficient.

Eaton's Automatic Transfer Switch provides reliability and flexibility. The RLC Automatic Transfer Switch uses two-wire start control to transfer load between generators and utility power. When utility power fails, the controller monitors utility power and transfers load from utility to generator when the utility returns. When utility power is restored, the Automatic Transfer Switch automatically resets the generator and transfers the load to the utility again. A molded-case automatic transfer switch can be configured with an integral overcurrent protection.

Whether you need an automatic transfer switch for emergency situations or for a commercial setting, an Eaton automatic transfer switch is the perfect solution. Automatic transfer switches are available for a wide range of applications including hospitals, emergency care facilities, manufacturing, laboratories, data centers, gas stations, and similar environments. To test the automatic transfer switch, PSI testing kits are available. Additional mounting hardware can be purchased upon request. The Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch is an important piece of equipment for any outdoor generator system.

Generac's Pre-Wired Switch

The Pre-Wired Outdoor Generator Transfer Switch by Generac allows you to easily transfer electricity between your generator and the existing electric service. Its automatic switching mechanism automatically starts up your generator when the power goes out, transfers your load to the generator, and switches back to the utility once power is restored. This unit can accommodate air-cooled generators ranging from eight to sixteen kW, and is suitable for standby systems as well.

The Generac LTS is a cETL-listed device that automatically switches between essential and non-essential circuits. It offers up to four HVAC circuits and is equipped with a lockable breaker. Unlike other switch products, this transfer switch comes with load-shedding capabilities, which is the answer for handling large loads. Its pre-wired design allows you to install it anywhere in your home.

The Pre-Wired Outdoor Generator Transfer Switch by Generac is weatherproof and fully-sealed. Installing it on the outside next to the meter gives you complete coverage throughout your home. Without a transfer switch, you would have to run extension cords from your generator to your appliances. It is not only inconvenient, but can also be dangerous. Extension cords cannot be used to power hard-wired appliances.

Generac's GenReady Load Center Generator Transfer Switch

The GenReady Load Center generator transfer switch from Generac replaces your main electrical circuit panel. The automatic transfer switch combines all power switching processes within a single unit, and the GenReady Load Center becomes a hybrid panel for backed up electrical circuits. It also accepts Siemens Square D and GE breakers. It has all the field installation kit needed to easily integrate your home standby generator.

The GenReady transfer switch allows seamless integration between your automatic standby generator and your home's electrical system. Its dual-function design can accommodate up to 40 circuits and incorporates tandem breakers to protect up to 30 circuits. It offers a five-year limited warranty. Despite its dual-purpose use, this switch is still a great choice for your backup generator.

Generac's Green ATS advanced electronics

With an ATS, you can enjoy the same peace of mind as you do when you are in the middle of a storm. The ATS continuously monitors the power in your home and will automatically start your generator when there is an outage. It also automatically restores power when utility power comes back on. And unlike manual transfer switches, ATSs actively balance the electrical load in your home, allowing you to utilize all of the power output of your generator. Designed for use with all single-phase generator brands, the Green ATS has an integrated RTC-100 controller with built-in intelligence. This unit also exceeds NEC Article 702.5 requirements for optional standby power systems. Whether you need a backup generator for a small apartment or a large home, the Eaton ATS will provide the protection you need.

ATSs are available in many different styles. For example, there is an outdoor model with four HVAC circuits. Aside from being cETL-listed, ATSs are also available with a lockable breaker to prevent unintentional overcharging. While ATSs can range in price from $500 to $1,500, installation takes only one day, and the switch itself can be easily installed. However, installation of an ATS is best planned well ahead of time to avoid service calls during a storm.

ATSs have a programmable function that allows them to work in parallel. This feature enables the ATS to automatically switch emergency power to load when the utility is restored. ATSs are also capable of shutting down generators once utility power is restored. This feature can be especially useful for sites that have multiple buildings. Because they can be installed in close proximity, they prevent parallel operations.

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