Best DuroStar Outdoor Generators in 2022

DuroStar Outdoor Generators - Learn About the DS4000S, DS5000X, and DS13000EH

If you are looking to buy a new outdoor generator, you may be wondering about the features of DuroStar Outdoor Generators. You'll learn about the DS4000S, DS5000X, and DS13000EH. These portable generators come with everything you need to get started, from an oversized noise-reducing muffler to a built-in Spark Arrestor. Moreover, you'll love the ease at which they can be transported from jobsite to jobsite. They're easy to operate and ready in minutes. All you need to do is to add gas and oil, and you'll be ready to go.

DuroStar DS4000S

The DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt Outdoor Generator is an excellent choice for light-duty backup applications. It has plenty of power for light-duty power tools and appliances and has 3,300 running watts, making it capable of handling a variety of tasks. This generator is also approved for use in U.S. National Parks. The 208cc OHV engine provides plenty of power.

The DS4000S weighs 94 pounds without wheels. Its warranty is one year, which is short-lived compared to other manufacturers. The noise level is 69 decibels, which is higher than most other portable generators on the market. You will need to purchase additional extension cables to plug in the generator. The DuroStar DS4000S Outdoor Generator also comes with poor packaging and is not accompanied by a long-necked funnel for adding crankcase oil. The manual is also incomplete, without an oil level indicator, a long-necked funnel for adding crankcase oil, and a handle for easily pulling the unit into place.

A few drawbacks of this model include fuel consumption that is high in the initial stages of use. There is no watt or amp meter on this model, and the sales representatives are not always reliable. There is also no CARB compliance, and the oil change interval is only twenty hours, which is extremely short. The Honda generator is not CARB-compliant, so you may need to purchase an additional oil filter.

DuroStar DS5000X

The DuroStar DS5000X Outdoor Generator is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable outdoor generator that can withstand harsh environments. With a typical open frame design and dimensions of L25xW23xH22 inches, this unit was made for the most demanding conditions. At 130 pounds, it's also easily portable and comes with a wheel kit for mobility. This model also features a folding handle and an automatic low oil shutoff.

If you've ever been without power, you know how frustrating and dangerous it can be. With the weather forecast predicting more extreme weather events in the future, a portable power generator is a necessity. It will help prevent spoiled food and ruined medical equipment from freezing. With an impressive gas-powered generator currently on sale, it's an excellent time to buy. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save money on a reliable portable power generator.

This gas-powered generator is a powerful option for RVs and camping trips. Its 7.0-horsepower DuroMax engine is EPA-certified and allows it to operate for up to eight hours with one tank of gas or up to four hours on propane. A fuel gauge is included so you can monitor the fuel level. The DuroStar DS5000X Outdoor Generator is available with a manual or automatic start.

The DS5000X outdoor generator is very quiet, with only 69 dBA at a half-load. Its competitors with comparable running wattage are much noisier than the DS5000X. The Cummins Onan P4500i generates the lowest noise at 52 dBA. The DS5000X has an 8.9-hour autonomy at half-load compared to the Predator 4375's 16.

DuroStar DS13000EH

This outdoor generator comes with a lot of nice features, such as automatic low oil shut off and overload protection. It also comes with typical documentation, such as an owner's manual and an accessory kit. It comes with a propane hose and a CARB-compliant and EPA-approved spark arrestor. You can also expect a 1-year commercial limited warranty, which is a big plus if you plan to use your outdoor generator in a mandated camping area.

The DuroStar DS13000EH is one of the most powerful portable generators on the market, and it comes with dual fuel capabilities. It boasts a powerful 500cc OHV engine that has a peak output of 13000 watts. Its wattage output is high enough to power lights, small appliances, and even central A/C systems. Despite its high power output, the DuroStar DS13000EH also delivers excellent noise levels, with a low 74 decibels. It is also built to last for years.

The DuroStar DS13000EH is not RV-ready, but does come with a L5-30R receptacle for easy connections. The DuroStar DS13000EH also is transfer switch ready, and has an open frame design. Dimensions are L29 x W30 x H26 in. This outdoor generator is rugged and built to withstand tough outdoor use and the elements.

DuroStar DS4500DX

The DuroStar DS4500DX is a powerful, portable outdoor generator that is perfect for powering your RV, camping trip, or jobsite. It has a power rating of 4,500 watts at peak and 3,500 watts at running load. This unit is easy to transport and weighs only 126 pounds. The machine comes with basic documentation, including an owner's manual, a funnel, and a tool kit.

This portable generator is a great option if you need to power a home or business. This durable, gas-powered generator features a 7.0-horsepower air-cooled overhead valve engine with recoil start. This generator offers 3,300 continuous running watts of power and can be used in a variety of applications. Unlike conventional standby generators, it can be used to power your RV, jobsite, or home when it's not possible to run the electric grid.

DuroStar DS5500EH

The DuroStar DS5500EH is a powerful dual-fuel outdoor generator that delivers 5,500 watts of peak power. It is EPA-approved for use in all 50 states and has a long list of impressive features, including dual fuel operation. You can run the DS5500EH for eight hours on gas and an even longer time on propane. This unit is easy to use, transportable, and EPA-approved for all 50 states.

The DuroStar DS5500EH features a twist-lock L14-30R receptacle for easy connection to an outlet. It also includes a transfer switch. This generator is built to be durable and comes with a three-year factory warranty. In addition to being EPA-approved, the DuroStar DS5500EH has CARB-compliant certifications, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

This durable portable dual fuel hybrid generator has a capacity of up to 5,500 watts and a quiet noise level of 69 dBA. It is also ideal for construction sites, food trucks, and catering events. It also features a compact design that fits easily in a car trunk. For ease of transportation, the DuroStar DS5500EH has a wheeled carrying case and an electric starter.

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