Best CyberPower Household Batteries in 2022

APC Vs CyberPower Household Batteries

Compare APC Vs. CyberPower Household Batteries and find out which battery is better for your home. We'll discuss Price, Features, and Battery Backup Outlets. And we'll explain which battery has the highest capacity. Whether you're in a pinch for battery power, the CyberPower can keep you going. Here's why:

APC Vs CyberPower Batteries

The first feature you should compare between APC Vs CyberPower Household Batterie-their charging ports. Both have an additional USB port and are compatible with computer software. The CyberPower also has a serial port and a USB port. In addition, both batteries have enough slack for a long AC cable. However, the APC is slightly smaller. So, you might want to consider the CyberPower instead.

The second feature is the monitoring app. The two companies' UPSs both come with a remote management card and extra Ethernet ports. The latter also includes a coaxial throughput connection, which extends surge protection to your cable modem. CyberPower's battery monitor also comes with an audible warning, while APC's doesn't. Both offer a wide range of useful features, including automatic voltage regulation and mute buttons. In addition to these features, both units come with a robust suite of other features, including fault detection and scheduling functions. CyberPower's UPS can even act as a node between desktop computers, and its USB connection makes it even easier to control.

Another difference between the two units is the power rating. The APC unit is 255W, while the CyberPower is only 550V. Both units offer a limited run time, but this is enough to safely shut down a computer and avoid losing important data. The CyberPower unit costs $50 or less, while the APC model is rated at 600VA. These batteries are best used for surveillance and alarm systems.

The two companies have different goals. The APC is better at protecting expensive equipment from power spikes, while CyberPower is better at suppressing power surges. APC is more efficient, but CyberPower is also more versatile. CyberPower provides more surge protection and offers additional battery capacity. CyberPower is a better option for homes, as it is compatible with more electronic equipment. But which is the better choice?

APC has a simpler installation process, while CyberPower offers a three-year warranty for both the battery and UPS. The CyberPower batteries have more features, and their units have more features. CyberPower's 1000VA models are better for high-power devices, like gaming PCs. APC also offers a "compact tower" version with more features. The 1000VA UPS is also suitable for powering a wide range of electronics, including workstations, gaming PCs, and video games.


The CyberPower 1500VA has twelve total outlets, half of which are battery protected. The remaining outlets are close together, making them perfect for big AC adapters. Both brands have an LCD screen to monitor settings, including battery load, capacity, and estimated time on battery power. Fortunately, these screens also have backlights. Using the LCD screen, you can easily adjust the battery voltage as necessary to maintain a stable level of power.


The price of the CyberPower Household batteries is about the same as that of its consumer-grade counterpart. The price of the 1500VA version is just shy of $200, but you can find the equivalent model for less than half that price. The most impressive feature of the CyberPower battery backup is its ability to communicate with your computer, which prevents the loss of important data. The batteries also come with a USB cable and software, making them convenient and easy to use.

Battery backup outlets

The CyberPower 1500VA battery power unit comes with 12 total outlets, half of which are battery protected. The outlets are close together and are spaced out sufficiently to allow a large AC adapter to plug in. The two brands include LCD screens to display settings, battery capacity, load, and estimated time on battery power. They both have a backlight for nighttime viewing. CyberPower's CP1500PFCLCD backup UPS is the most expensive model, but is also rated for household use.

The CyberPower CP425SLG has eight battery backup outlets, compared to six in the APC BE425M. The CyberPower CP425SLG is slightly better, with better spacing between the outlets. It may not fit larger adapters, but the outlets are spaced properly. However, there are other advantages to purchasing a CyberPower UPS over an APC unit. The APC unit can also protect pricey equipment against power surges.

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