Best Clore Automotive Jump Starters & Battery Chargers in 2022

Clore Automotive Jump Starters and Battery Chargers Review

If you're looking for a Jump Starter or Battery Charger, Clore is an excellent brand. Their automotive jump starters are compact and easy to use. The Booster PAC and Audew models are particularly popular with drivers because of their powerful performance. While these brands are often considered among the best, their technology and price are not the only important factors to consider. Read on for our Clore review.

Lithium ion

Unlike their lead acid counterparts, lithium-ion battery chargers are portable, making them easier to keep in the glove compartment of your car. Many of these units have built-in protection, so when you restart the car, the lithium-ion battery will automatically disconnect from the vehicle. This means that you can safely use them in a variety of circumstances.

The Noco Jumpstarter Plus is our Editor's Choice for portable battery chargers. Its high-discharge lithium technology makes it safe for any climate. Its water-resistant enclosure is rated IP65, and it has a rubberized overmolded casing to protect your vehicle's surface. NOCO makes 12 different battery jump starters, including the 6,250 amp Boost Max GB500.

The Clore jump starters have multiple safeguards against electrical malfunctions. One feature is a reverse-connection alert, which will let you know if you're connecting the clamps to the wrong battery terminals. This will activate a sound and light to warn you. You can also enable manual override mode, which deactivates all safety features.

In addition to being lightweight, lithium-ion battery chargers can also double as a charging station. To keep lithium-ion battery chargers in good shape, you need to make sure to charge them regularly. For example, you should charge them every two to three months or after every use. A proper battery charger will prevent your jump starter from becoming useless, and your car will have a fully charged battery when you need it.

Booster PAC

If you're in need of a powerful automotive jump starter, look no further than the Clore Booster PAC automotive jump start & battery charger. Its powerful ES Series battery can jump start up to five vehicles on a single charge and is durable enough for commercial use. With this powerful, yet easy-to-use device, you can be on the road in no time.

For maximum power transfer, this jump starter and battery charger features a high-performance battery with 1500 peak amps. This unit is built with a rotating holster that makes it easier to remove the Hot Jaw clamps for quick access. The jump starter's ES580 model features a 12-volt female adapter, dual USB outlets, and a high-intensity LED work light.

The Audew Jumpstarter features a large acrylic lens that protects the LCD display. The LCD display shows the remaining battery life and whether the jump starter is connected. The Jumpstarter Plus also features a heavy-duty case that protects it from fluids found in a mechanic's shop. This is the ideal device for professionals and home users alike, and the case is easily transportable.


The Clore Audew Automotive Jump Starters and Battery Chargers provide a convenient way to jump-start your car. These jump starters feature built-in LED flashlights and a USB-C charging port for convenient use. The jump starter also has a 20,000 mAh battery that provides up to 2,000 amps of peak current, so you can use it for more than just jumping your car.

The Jump Starter's compact design and large acrylic lens protect the LCD display, which displays how much juice is left in the car battery, as well as the connection status of the jump starter. Its LCD display is a bit dim and difficult to read in bright sunlight, but it's still very useful to know if you're connected to a jump starter. The Jump Starter also comes with shorter cables than other similar products. For longer distances, thicker cables are required.

If you're a driver who needs a powerful jump starter, the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is an excellent choice. With its 1,700 peak amps, it's perfect for professional drivers who need a durable jump starter. The battery is built for extended cranking power, and its case is designed for professional use. A pleasant handle makes it easy to carry. However, it does wear out quickly if you use it heavily.


When it comes to recharging your vehicle, Clore PROFORMER automotive jump starters and battery chargers are a great choice. Each unit delivers a high level of power for extended cranking time, and the JNC660 features replaceable 22Ah "Proformer" batteries with long service life. The product also features a heavy-duty case, voltmeter, and 12V power output. The JNC660 has a high customer rating on Amazon, and is a favorite among mechanics, tow truck drivers, and car dealerships. It comes with a one-year warranty.

The Clore JNC660 is one of the best-selling portable jump starters in the industry. It offers 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps of starting power. The JNC660's integrated charger keeps the device plugged into a vehicle. It also features a replacement charger cable. If you need a jump starter that can start your car quickly and conveniently, this portable device is the best choice.

This compact portable jump starter and battery charger from Clore is a great choice for your next vehicle emergency. The lightweight design and LED array make it an excellent choice for cold weather conditions. It also includes a master disconnect switch. The SOS light and LED flashlight are included. And with over a dozen other features, it is the perfect companion for your car. Its wattage rating is a strong indicator of the device's quality.

ES Series

The Clore Automotive Jump Starters & Battery chargers ES Series provide an excellent solution for a wide variety of automotive needs. These products are designed to be both easy to use and durable. They feature a built-in automatic charger and heavy-duty two-AWG cable leads. Both models come with a voltmeter. The Clore ES Series offers the power to jump-start most DC powered accessories.

The Clore Automotive ES5000 Jump Starter is an everyday workhorse. This device features a powerful battery and a 43-inch cable reach for maximum power transfer. Built to be rugged and reliable, the ES5000 Jump Starter is an excellent choice for any vehicle. The ES Series battery is designed to provide exceptional cranking power, extended cranking time, and durability for many years of trouble-free use.

The Clore Automotive Jump Starters & Battery chargers are perfect for emergency situations where you'll need a high-quality battery jump start. Depending on your vehicle's volts, you may need a higher or lower amperage of electricity. An older car that has a carburetor may need more amperage to crank it. A modern car without a carburetor is typically more difficult to jump start.

The ES2500 is an entry-level professional unit. It is a 12V jump starter with 1100 peak amps of power. It delivers multiple jumps per charge and is ideal for a variety of tasks. The unit is powerful enough to jump-start vehicles as well as personal watercraft, and has a receptacle for charging 12V DC devices.

Audew's built-in tire inflator

The Audew Jump Starter is one of the most popular models on the market. It comes with a cigarette lighter adapter that lets you power your 12-volt accessories straight from the unit. Its sleek design also includes a cigarette lighter adapter, a USB cable, and a wall adapter. Its built-in LED flashlight offers three modes of operation.

The Jump-N-Carry is a lightweight, portable unit with a maximum output of 1,700 peak amps. Its high cranking power and long life are backed by PROFORMER battery technology. Its 46-inch cables are insulated with #2 AWG copper and a built-in DC outlet. The Jump-N-Carry also comes with an included 3.3-inch screen and a built-in flashlight.

The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 features a 12 Volt Air Compressor and powerful jump-starting capabilities. The Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter with Air Compressor delivers 1,100 peak amps and 300 cranking amps of power. Its built-in tire inflator is ideal for rescuing low-pressure tires.

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