Best Citizen Coin & Button Cell Batteries in 2022

Citizen Coin & Button Cell Batteries CR2025

If you're shopping for coin batteries, chances are you'll find a variety of different types, such as CR2032 and CR2025A. But which is the best option? In this article, we'll discuss the differences between these three different types of batteries and how to select the best one for your needs. And of course, we'll talk about which type of coin battery is best for your needs, as well.


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has established a standardized naming system for these batteries. These codes are not arbitrary, and they tell you something important about the physical characteristics of the battery. For example, C stands for manganese lithium dioxide, while R is for round. The first two numbers refer to the diameter and depth of the battery, while the last two relate to the overall capacity.

The most common CR2032 battery is designated with the letter CR. Other names for these batteries include 5004LC, DL2032, and ECR2032. The CR2032 battery is 20 mm in diameter and 32 millimeters tall. However, it may not fit perfectly in your device, so it is advisable to choose one that is close to the size you need.

The CR2032 battery is the most widely used non-rechargeable lithium coin cell. It is approximately 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick, and has a capacity of 240mAh. Its small size, long service life, and constant discharge make it a popular choice for many different uses. A CR2032 battery will give you the power you need, and your devices will work as intended.

Non-rechargeable coin cells are 20mm in diameter. They typically have a 3V output, but this voltage can reduce over time, depending on the usage and capacity of the battery. The capacity of button cell batteries may vary greatly, depending on how frequently they are used. For example, a button cell in a toy may last only hours, while a CR2032 button cell can last for years.

The size of a button battery package is indicated on the packaging by a two or three-digit code. This code represents the cell's outer diameter and height. The first one or two digits encode the outer diameter in whole millimeters, while the last two indicate the overall height in tenths of a millimeter. Once you understand the coding system, determining the appropriate intervention is easy.

While it is not always possible to replace the battery inside your watch, you can buy a replacement from your local electronics store. If you don't want to break the seal, you can always take it to a certified watch repair service. The battery has been thoroughly analyzed to ensure safety and reliability. This information has helped Panasonic gain widespread recognition and consent. Several other benefits of CR2032 batteries include the following:


Citizen Coin & Button Cell Batterie CR2025 are a popular type of battery used in many devices. Despite its name, this battery type is actually a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 150 mAh. This type of battery is usually used in small electronics such as watches. These batteries are available in a variety of sizes, and are suitable for all purposes.

The CR2025 is a three-volt lithium coin cell battery. The size of the battery is approximately 20mm in diameter, and it has a capacity of one hundred milliamp-hours. It is a great choice for devices such as calculators, electric thermometers, and security cameras. The battery is also durable and can be used in high-temperature environments.

Both button cell and coin batteries are useful in electric toys. The coin battery is much thinner than the button cell, and has a higher voltage. These batteries are often used in scales and key fobs, and can even be used in flameless candles. Button batteries are usually the smallest types and do not contain lithium. They are made of alkaline and have a 1.5-volt output.

Another type of CR2025 is the 280-205. This battery is also known as CR2025, Citizen 280-205, Duracell DL2025, Eveready CR2025, and Gold Peak CR2025. You can find the CR2025 in many popular watch models, including the Casio ALT-6300, ALT-410, and AQ180WD1BVEF.

If your watch battery is starting to go dead, you may be able to replace it yourself. If you do not feel confident performing the replacement process, consider hiring certified personnel to check the parts and seals. While some of the CR2025 coin cell batteries are lithium, others contain alkaline or silver-oxide chemistry. Regardless of the type of chemistry, all CR2032 batteries are Li-Mn02, and are perfect for watches.

While button/coin cell batteries are generally non-rechargeable, they are an excellent option for wristwatches. In addition to being relatively cheap, they typically have a 10 year shelf life. As a result, they are a great choice for many applications. Not only do they work well in wristwatches, but they also are ideal for hearing aids. These types of batteries are the most popular type of battery used in wristwatches.


The CR2025 button cell battery is a popular choice for many applications. This 3 Volt battery is small, measuring only 0.78 inches in width by 0.09 inches in height. This type of battery is suitable for a variety of uses, including small electronics and medical equipment. Although more expensive than alkaline cells, lithium batteries have a longer shelf life. Besides, lithium batteries are not prone to leakage, unlike alkaline ones.

While many batteries are rechargeable, the life of button or coin cell batteries varies. The shelf life depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the material, humidity, and physical damage. For example, a coin cell battery with lithium chemistry is expected to last for at least 10 years. In addition, battery service life depends on the type of application, so a CR2025 battery in a key fob may only last for three or four years before needing replacement.

Unlike silver-oxide batteries, the Maxell CR2016 lithium coin battery provides superior performance and durability. Its low cost, long shelf life, and stable output make it a popular choice for small household electronics. The company's staff is knowledgeable and customer service is outstanding. The battery is also priced competitively. There are several reasons to choose a Citizen Coin & Button Cell Battery.

If you're using a coin or button cell battery, check that the battery is not rechargeable. You can tell if a coin battery is not rechargeable by reading its coding. If it does, it's a CR2032, CR2025A, or CR2450. Always keep your coin and button cell batteries out of reach of children, as the lithium in them can cause internal burns.

The CR2025 and CR2032 are interchangeable, but the CR2032 has more capacity and lasts longer. To make sure that your battery is properly inserted, place a small piece of aluminum foil in the extra space. Then, place the conductor on the (+) side of the battery and close it. Remember to make contact with the battery to ensure safety.

CR2025A coin and button cell battery is sold individually in Maxell retail blister packaging. This packaging includes a hologram with the original Maxell brand and a separate barcode for each battery. These batteries are packaged five per card, 20 per box, and 2000pcs per master carton. They have a shelf life of 10 years and self-discharge rate of less than 1% per year.

Lithium coin and button cells have a long shelf life, but you must ensure that the battery is compatible with the watch's model. It is best to check the manufacturer's recommendations before buying, and to compare prices and specifications. Some brands may recommend a particular brand based on experience and reputation. In general, lithium button/coin cell batteries have a higher capacity than alkaline.

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