Best Brown Outdoor Generator Accessories in 2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your Brown Outdoor Generator

In order to improve the performance of your standby generator, consider the use of accessories. Standby generators feature composite bases and pads that raise the unit one grade higher. These pads are made of high-strength fibers, cement, and galvanized bolts. With the help of these accessories, you can enjoy better performance and safety from your outdoor generator. For more information, check out our selection of accessories for standby generators.

Standby generator accessories

Adding a few accessories to your standby generator will help you maximize its performance and provide the backup power you need. A replacement auxiliary transfer switch contact, a maintenance kit, and a 240V conversion kit are all great additions to any standby generator. To purchase these items, visit Grainger. The website updates the product availability in real time. Items that are reserved will be held until you complete your order.

Some accessories may also be helpful for your new unit. These can be used to monitor and manage your standby generator remotely. This feature is handy if you're away from home, as you can access your generator's status from anywhere in the world. You can also install a smart management module, which connects to individual electric circuits in your home. These modules are then assigned a priority level, based on the importance of each circuit during a power outage. These modules allow you to control what comes on and off, and can even let you know when to switch off the power.

The Champion aXis platform is a programmable, upgradable controller. It provides continuous protection against HSB and uses Power Line Carrier technology to communicate with other components. The device also lets you program your generator using your smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi Direct lets you program the generator using your phone. Lastly, the Champion aXis platform controller is programmable, so you can update and program it easily.

A standby generator should have liquid propane or natural gas tanks. In extremely cold temperatures, lead-acid batteries can freeze up to 50%, but lithium-iron phosphate batteries are better. You should keep your generator near a warm source of air if you are using it outdoors. If you live in a climate where winters are harsh, you should consider a liquid-cooled propane-powered standby generator. They also come with a propane tank for additional power during an extended power outage.

Cold-weather generator kit

To get the most out of your outdoor generator, it's important to maintain it properly. Batteries can fail in cold weather, causing power outages. Battery warmers keep the batteries warm and are an essential part of any generator's maintenance. Some standby models also allow you to purchase other accessories, such as oil warmers and block heaters. Pairing these items with the battery warmer is essential for maximizing your generator's performance in cold weather.

Generac sells several different kits for its outdoor generators. For example, the Generac Extreme Cold Weather Kit includes a thermostat-controlled engine block heater and all necessary fittings and hardware. This kit is intended to be used in conjunction with the Cold Weather Kit to help ensure proper performance in the coldest climates. Generac recommends that you get an Authorized Generac Dealer to install this kit. These kits come with the parts you need to properly maintain your generator, including replacement oil, wiring and connectors.

Monitoring your generator

If you're looking to make sure that your portable generator is working properly, you need to monitor its fuel levels. If you have a GFCI outlet that trips every time the generator turns on, you're dealing with a ground fault, or an incompatible two-pole transfer switch. A new three-pole transfer switch should solve the problem. Otherwise, you'll have to call a repairman to make sure that your generator is working correctly.

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