Hybrid Energy Storage System

Harbor City, California, September 2, 2014 – Balqon Corporation (OTCQB:BLQN), a developer and manufacturer of lithium battery energy storage system announced release of Rover hybrid mobile energy storage system for off-grid applications. Rover product line is designed to provide AC power to construction, commercial, industrial or special event sites where grid is not available. Powered by high capacity lithium batteries, this silent mobile generator can provide up to 72 kWhr of energy with a 6 kW built in backup generator. Equipped standard with up to 6 kW inverter, Rover can deliver continuous output of 50 amps, 120 VAC/60 hZ for 24 hours. In addition with a built in lithium battery charger, Rover can be charged using standard electrical outlet where grid is available.

Rover is equipped with a 6 kW DC generator which automatically charges the batteries during daily operations. High efficiency, Tier 4 certified generator consumes less than 1/2 a gallon diesel per hour reducing generator fuel and maintenance costs by over 75% during daily operations. Packaged in enclosure designed for outdoor use, Rover is ideally suited for 24/7 operation at construction sites providing power for lighting, remote offices and power tools. Optional accessories such as solar panels further reduces energy and maintenance costs without compromising power.

Rover is industry’s first fully integrated lithium powered hybrid generator that uses J1939 Can bus technology connecting generator, batteries, inverter and charge controller as a single efficient generator of electric power producing years of reliable power a lower costs than conventional diesel generators.