Best 8,000 to 9,999 Watts Outdoor Generators in 2022

8000 to 9999 Watts Outdoor Generators

If you're looking for a portable outdoor generator that can produce power on-the-spot, look no further than the DuroMax XP13000EH. These generators can run on either Gasoline or Propane, providing you with dependable power on-the-go. They come in a range of wattages from 8,000 to 9,999. Listed below are the main differences between each model.

DuroMax XP13000EH

For those looking for a durable, dual-fuel portable generator, the DuroMax XP13000Eh is an excellent choice. Its 500cc OHV engine powers up to 8000 to 9999 watts of surge power and runs on either propane or gasoline. This portable generator is EPA-approved and is perfect for home standby power, RV trips, and jobsite power needs.

The XP13000EH is built to last for many years and features a large-capacity steel fuel tank. It comes with a convenient hour meter and fuel gauge, as well as heavy-duty, never-flat wheels. You can store it in a compact place as well, thanks to its fold-down handle. The DuroMax XP13000EH delivers 8000 to 9999 Watts of output, which is more than enough for basic needs.

When shopping online, check out reviews of each model to learn more about it. You should not be afraid to spend a little more money on a high-end brand, but the higher price doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Make sure to read the product specifications, features, and durability requirements to find the perfect outdoor generator for your needs. Read customer reviews, and look at pictures and product descriptions to help you make an informed purchase.

Champion XP13000

With a 459cc engine, the Champion XP13000 produces 8000 to 9999 watts of output. This natural gas-ready model is equipped with a CO Shield(r) carbon monoxide auto shutoff system and operates on Tri-Fuel technology. A 25-foot natural gas hose kit is included, along with a female flare fitting and quick connect end. The Champion XP13000 is shipped with all of the parts needed for assembly, including the propane tank and fuel hose. This product requires assembly before pickup, so you should allow sufficient time for assembly.

Another advantage of buying from an online store is that you can compare prices, choose the one with the best seller and pay at your own pace. You can also consider the brand, so that you can differentiate between different brands. This way, you can avoid spending too much and still get the product you need. When you buy online, you get more for your money than you'd spend in a brick-and-mortar store.

Champion XP13000E

This 8000 to 9999-watt outdoor generator from Champion features a 500cc OHV DuroMax engine and produces the power that you would expect from a home standby unit. The running power of this model is 10,500 watts, but it can reach a maximum of 13,000 watts when rated for surge power. Its power panel comes with multiple outlets and individual breakers. This model is approved for operation in all 50 states.

Honda EU2200i

The Honda EU2200i 8,000 to 9999 Watts outdoor generator features a lightweight design and a compact, easy-to-use engine. Its compact size and lightweight design allow it to power a variety of household appliances while still being convenient enough to take with you to a jobsite or to use in an emergency situation. This unit is also equipped with a CO-MINDER safety feature which continuously monitors the carbon monoxide level and shuts off the engine when dangerous levels are detected.

This unit is very portable, making it ideal for travel or storage in travel trailers. It also provides good power for a reasonable price. It operates at a relatively low noise level, around 48 to 57 decibels. Another feature that makes this unit ideal for travel trailers is its patented CO-MINDER technology. This feature automatically shuts off the generator if CO levels rise too high. Additionally, the EU2200i is very fuel efficient, allowing it to run for up to 8.1 hours on one tank of gas.

While the Honda EU2200i 8,000 to 9999 Watts outdoor generator has some advantages over the other models, most homeowners use it for household appliances. It can run lights, computers, and stereo systems, and is compatible with other electric appliances. Moreover, it is capable of powering up to 8 kW of electrical demand, so it can run even a full crew on a jobsite. However, it costs over a thousand dollars.

Although most of these two-hundred-watt generators look similar on paper, they are different in actual performance. On paper, they look identical: they both weigh 50 pounds, have the same starting wattage, and have the same number of outlets. The key to discerning real differences in their performance is firsthand testing and structured tests. With a little research, you can find a generator that's right for you.

If you need more power than the Honda EU2200i, you might want to opt for the Champion 3500 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Portable Generator. While the Champion generator is well known, it is relatively quiet, and fits most storage areas. The Champion model runs at 59 decibels when viewed from a distance of 23 feet. You can even use it with propane and gas, making it even more versatile.

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